Key word sentences make no sence. Low cost passwords are cheap and inexpensive.  An ad free password is advertisement free. A cgi without no script is affordable.

Password protect a section of your site without installing difficult cgi scripts! offers three solutions to your password needs.........

A PASSWORD GATE: A cheap, VERY simple gateway through which surfers pass to access a section of your existing site. Great for on-line books and, one time, pay-for-access resources where INITIAL access needs to be password restricted. From only $2.95 per month.

FULLY PROTECTED DIRECTORY: Complete protection. Password installed. Non-bypassable. A 10MB storage facility for your precious files with FTP access. From $5.75 per month.

DELUXE ON-LINE PASSWORD MANAGER & PROTECTED DIRECTORY: The ROLLS ROYCE of password protection. A sophisticated muli-user, time sensitive, mechanism that will serve ALL your password needs. 15MB of storage. $9.95 per month.

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