A PASSWORD GATE... the cheapest, ad free, system you will find for controlling visitor access to an on-line folder without installing difficult cgi scripts!. It's a gateway with a single user name and password through which surfers must pass to reach part of your site. It can open to a folder or a file. Great for online books and pay-for-access resources. VERY SIMPLE TO INSTALL... We will email you everything you need. A minimum term of 3 months avoids the need for set-up fees. LEARN HOW TO USE THIS MECHANISM WITH A FREE HOST TO CREATE AN INCREDIBLY CHEAP PASSWORD PROTECTED DOMAIN.

3 months - $4.95 a month *** 6 months - $3.95 a month *** 12 months - $2.95 a month

IMPORTANT NOTE: Best used where access is given indefinitely. It effectively keeps out those you don't want to let in, however, once access is granted a user could bookmark a file and later bypass the mechanism. Our FULLY PROTECTED DIRECTORY offers greater protection at low cost. If you want multi-user, time sensitive (week, month, year), protection you should choose our DELUXE ON-LINE PASSWORD MANAGER / 15MB DIRECTORY. Still just $9.95 per month.

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