DELUXE PASSWORD MANAGER & 15MB DIRECTORY: This is a very sophisticated mechanism. You get FTP access to a 15MB password protected directory with 100% control over multiple users & passwords. It's actually a a password protected folder within a public directory so, if you so wish, you can house your whole site on our server with no pop-ups or banner ads to destroy your site design. Unlimited traffic. Time sensitive (week, month, year), to allow for time restricted access. Customizable, built in, autoresponders for subscription and billing. Create as many protected directories as you want for access by DIFFERENT groups. If you have a experience with on-line wizards you're probably ready to take on our Online Password Manager - . $9.95 per month (charged quarterly). Takes much more to install than our other options so there's a $25 set-up fee.

You can turn this into an impressive on-line domain such as by adding a REDIRECTABLE DOMAIN NAME which we can point at your Password Managed directory!

Have you checked out our 350MB MEGA hosting package? Password Manager included.

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