The Lost Kurgan Artwork

This original artwork by Nick Maley shows the design for a Kurgan creature made of snakes. The design was created to extend the the final fight sequence in HIGHLANDER but was objected to by one of the screenwriters (Gregory Widen, I believe). See The Lost Kurgan for the inside story.

© Nick Maley 1985. If you are a collector of HIGHLANDER memorabilia may like to know that 8 x 10 prints of The Lost Kurgan artwork, (matted to 11 x 14), are available for $50.00. Each one is autographed by Nick and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Add $9.75 for international postage and packaging. You can order here via our encrypted order form. A recreation of the storyboard for this sequence is planned for next year. If would like an update when that is available you should email to this address.

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