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If you've been searching for a way to break into the entertainment business this may be your lucky day!

Recent big news here at CineSecrets was Nick's new partnership with Joe Stafura - C.O.O. of USWeb's Pittsburgh based Electronic Images Division.Nick & Joe have formed eTales Productions Ltd ... a company aimed at creating interactive Cyber drama. Their first production SEASONS IN THE SUN is expected to start shooting next year.

This collaboration brings together expertise in two crucial areas.... Nick's vast experience of movie making, a unique cost cutting approach to the production of entertainment and some highly creative concepts......... Joe's state of the art technological expertise and direct experience of managing large Internet entities. Joe's career to date has been less "high profile" than Nick's but a quick look at USWeb's client list (which includes Microsoft, NBC, Paramount Pictures, Silicon Graphics, Sony Music & Warner Brothers), provides an insight into the caliber of Joe's work. Nick & Joe will jointly Produce SEASONS IN THE SUN. Nick will Direct the Cyber drama which he devised with his wife Gloria. Joe will package the drama for the Internet and oversee Webcasting.

Nick plans to use many newcomers to the entertainment world on the eTales production crew, (under the guidence of seasoned professionals where necessary). They will be trained on the job according to Nick's philosophy of encouraging the development of young creative minds whilst devising new techniques for the production and presention of entertainment.

If you have a driving ambition to make entertainment, can totally dedicate yourself to the job in hand and would like us to know of your existance , enthusiasm and experience..... log in at the eTales Contacts Register. Do NOT email Nick or Joe or USWeb about this project. USWeb is NOT directly involved in the project at this time (although they may be consulted on certain aspects of post production and marketing at a later date. Nick & Joe are too busy to reply to individuals right now. The best thing you can do is leave full particulars on the register. IF YOU MUST.... email

eTales Contact Register

This contact register is intended for the registration of individuals interested in contributing to, and gaining experience in, the creation of multi media Cyber Drama.

eTales Productions Ltd is a newly formed company preparing to produce interactive drama for the Internet. The exact date of production is uncertain at this time but our first drema will be based in the Caribbean. Although we won't shoot until next year, Nick wants to create a pool of potential crew members (over 16 years of age) and performers at varied levels of experience. Interested parties are invited to register their interest, skills and experience in the following Departments:


Actors and Actresses - All ages and races but especially West Indian, American and European.

Stunt performers

Musicians & Singers - prepared to collaborate on creating background music.

Eventually we will be announcing open auditions.


Production Office - All aspects of the organization and coordination of the "capture" of drama on digital video and stills including PM, AD and Continuity.

Art Department - Design, Set dressing and other aesthetics. Also see Graphic Design below.

Camera Dept. - Camera operation, lighting supervision. Special consideration given to experienced operators with their own equipment, Steadycam, Bodycam etc.

Sound Dept. - Operation of sound equipment, creation of sound effects.

Sparks/Grip Dept. .- Running of cables setting of lights/screens/reflectors, laying of camera tracks, operation of cranes, dollies etc.

Props/SFX Dept. - Making and caring for props, operation of smoke machines, dry ice machines, wind machines etc.

Make-up & Hair Dept. - Make-up, prosthetics & Hairdressing.

Animatronics - Later (second project) we will need personel in this area too.

Wardrobe Dept. - Design, manufacture, care & cleaning of costumes.

Pryrotechnics - Experienced personel only.

Post Production

Editing Dept. - Non-linear video editing and image manipulation.

Digital Effects - CGI. Experience prefered

Graphic Design - Page layout (standard programs plus Quark) and Photoshop manipulations.

Computer Programming - Dynamic html, streaming video, Macromedia and other animation and programming plus software developers.

Applicants will be selected (i) by suitability & experience (ii) by enthusiasm & determination .

After registering RETURN HERE and Subscribe to the eTales maillist so that you are automatically kept informed of new developments.


We are using the Guestbook below as a contact register. If you are interested in being involved:

Good luck!

Guestbook being used as register
be sure you read the instructions above BEFORE registering.


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