While you are waiting for the awards to load we thank the British Broadcasting Corporation for listing CineSecrets at the top of their list of their "Web Watch" "Best of the Web - Special Effects" in May 98 . They spotlighted in association with a Horizon's program named "The computer that ate Hollywood" and accompanied it with a feature in the Radio Times .Of all the sites on the Internet dedicated to movie special effects they singled out Nick for his efforts to provide details of how effects were achieved. Thanks guys.

These entities considered us worthy of an award.

We thank them.

Stormtrooper Information Central's
Helmet Award
six helmets!.





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While were talking about awards perhaps we should mention Nick's nomination for an EMMY for his transformation of Sir Anthony Hopkins into the Hunchback of Notre Dame for Columbia TV in 1981.....

.......this Bronze medal which Nick won at Worldfest Houston 1996 (Worlds largest film festival with over 4300 entries from 38 countries) for Directing...... "TOMA - Best of both worlds" Music video awards - New Artist and.......

The GRAMMY awarded to "Wild Boys" - Best video 1984 for which Nick designed prosthetics and animatronic figures.