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Requests for autographs are frequent so we have developed a range of inexpensive options to fill that need. Unfortunately the volume of requests and the distances involved makes it impossible to send autographs free. We are sorry about that but with as many as 500000 hits a week it has become too time consuming to just sign index cards and send them back. It has become necessary to generate enough income to the cost of staff to deal with packaging and mail. POSTAGE AND HANDLING IS INCLUDED IN THE COST BELOW and if you order any item below Nick will also sign up to 5 blank index cards or SW cards THAT YOU SUPPLY at no extra cost. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

We RECOMMEND that if you place an order then you should download Nick's biography, his filmography and any other files you want and keep them with your autograph. It INCREASES THEIR VALUE considerably over time

Sending stamped envelopes or any form of prepaid postage is discouraged. Most can't be used where Nick lives. POSTAGE IS INCLUDED IN THE COST BELOW. However DO include an addressed envelope large enough for the item you are ordering. This ensures that the return address is correct.

Dedications can be made for you or a friend/relative. These are usually just the persons name "to John" on items #1 and #2 below but can be longer on items #3 and #4. Be SURE to make a note of (i) the person's name [usually a first name] and (ii) any specific wording that you want. Nick feels that "may the force be with you" is rather over used but will do it on items #3 or #4 below [where room allows] if you insist. He prefers his own phrase "follow your star" which besides the SW connotation encourages others to have faith in their goals and pursue their own dreams.

ALWAYS INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS with your order in case of problems

You can request a physical address to send index cards or SW cards to for inclusion with your order by emailing autographs(at) [replace the (at) with @]. You can order online here. BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION.

Items.... most popular

#1 Signed mini biography card CHEAPEST:100% acid free [archival quality] 3.5" x 7" and signed and dedicated in gold. The card shows one of Nick's Caribbean artworks and outlines the highlights of Nick's careers. [You are still recommended to download the biography and filmography as well]. List price is US$10.00. The price reflects a 20% discount... US$8.00 including postage. View the item.

#2 Mini "Follow Your Star" print STAR WARS RELATED ART:100% acid free [archival quality] 3.5" x 7", signed and dedicated in gold. This is the smallest size and most inexpensive way to get Nick's autobiographical print Follow Your Star. List price is US$15.00 [not matted].. The price reflects a 20% discount... US$12.00 including postage. The item is the same image as item #4 but filling a card similar to #1

#3 Nick & Yoda photos OUR MOST POPULAR ITEM as it shows Nick assembling the radio controlled Yoda that was in Luke's backpack in ESB and come signed in gold. It has room for a bigger dedication too. Nick says... "In those days I practically lived in the studio and cut my hair about once a year. I look like a wild man in these photos but... I guess they were pretty wild times." If you have not already read about Nick's involvement in assembling the radio controlled Yoda you might want to do so. You can download those pages to keep with your autograph. THESE PRINTS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK but we are taking back orders which should be available by mid April 2002. They are 100% acid free [archival quality] lithographs...5" x 8" List price is US$20.00 (unmatted). The price reflects a 20% discount... US$16.00 including postage. View the item.

#4 "Follow Your Star" print 8 x 10 THE MOST UNIQUE STAR WARS RELATED PRINT IN THE WORLD (we believe) in an affordable open edition sized 8 x 10. This is a collectors piece in its own right. The ONLY autobiographical Star Wars related print by a member of the SW creature crew... The ONLY image relating to Yoda by one of the people involved in making him. The ONLY print Nick has made, or intends to make, about his time working on Star Wars and traveling to the Caribbean. It is of course signed and can be dedicated. 100% acid free [archival quality]. List price is US$40.00 not matted. price reflects a 20% discount... US$32.00 including postage. Read about the print here

No items are sold matted over the Internet as it increases shipping costs dramatically.

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