We have been dubbed the #1 source of unofficial Star Wars inside information. We have news about the making of Star Wars and news about the Star Wars special effects. We have news about the Star Wars creatures and the making of Yoda for Star Wars Episode IV. We have news about the making of a new Yoda for Star Wars Episode I and news about the people who made up the Starwars creature effects crew. We include inside stories about making special effects for Star Wars. What was it like to make the Star Wars Cantina creatures? How was the Yoda for Star Wars Episode IV built?
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We show many rare photographs with news of the making of the Yoda for Star Wars Episode V and the animatronic mechanism of the new Yoda for the Star Wars Prequels. We tell what it's like to work with George Lucas on Star Wars with stories about the Star Wars creature make-ups and the making of the Star Wars prosthetics, puppets and creature special effects. We have news about the makers of the other Star Wars animatronic creatures and stories about Star Wars stars. This is the home page of Nick Maley, a key contributor to the creation of Yoda on two Star Wars movies.
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CinéSecrets provides rare insights and technical information about the making of the STAR WARS TROLOGY (and 50 other movies) from the autobiographical archives of Nick Maley...... one of six people behind the main unit shoot for the Cantina sequence and a key contributor to the creation of Yoda.

The trouble with so many pages, (especially about STAR WARS), is that they contain the same old stuff. CinéSecrets will regularly bring you new stories, unique articles about previosly unreported facts and experiences.

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Additions to our archives are are constantly being made.

Currently we include:
R2D2 from Star WarsThe most accurate information anywhere on how the original Yoda was built.

40 pages of Nick's comments about STAR WARS Episode I. Where to find the latest prequal info and Nick's insights into many of the personalities currently involved in the new movie (due to be released in 1999).
The new Yoda for Episode I and it's animatronic mechanism!

The inside story of the main unit shoot of The Cantina

Inside stoies about what it's like to break into movies, the hard times and the triumphs of making it through to work with the industry's biggest names including many untold stories about movie and music superstars.

Real technical details of about effects were done and insights into how movie companies really operate.

Tales from the birth of Animatronics and the crazy antics of pros letting off steam.

Nick's memories of George Lucas, Dick Smith, Nick Dudman (Creature designer of the Star Wars prequels) numerous stars and many more.

Behind the scene photos of the STAR WARS Creature Effects crew with Chewie, Yoda, the Wampa and Bib Fortuna.

The people who were in those STAR WARS creature suits.


While you're here you can also check out Nick Maley's other movies too. Nick devised and directed the prosthetic, and animatronic transformation techniques in LIFEFORCE (have you looked at those transformation sequences? .......done without the aid of CGI.... built and filmed in just 8 weeks). He built the Molisar suits and decaying corpses of THE KEEP and created another world of creature effects for KRULL. He worked directly with Director Russell Mulcahy to devise HIGHLANDER's Quickening and Gathering effects, designed the effects storyboards with artist Tony Beesley (including a Kurgan creature sequence that you never saw) and created the decapitation effects. Oh yes! He also contributed to the make-up effects for SUPERMAN I & II.

These pages are still being compiled. Over the coming months (and years) Nick will tell the stories behind the making of the 53 movies he contributed to. Watch as CinéSecrets grows to become a favorite place for movie fans seeking the rare information that only come from a movie insider's biographical archives...... a huge collection of memoirs, insights and lots of stuff you just won't find anywhere else. The 130 pages that we have now is a fraction (probably 5%) of what we have in store for movie & special effect make-up fans so bookmark this page now....

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