Over the years I have been involved in several music videos, rubbing shoulders (sometimes accidentally), with quite a few rock stars. It was quite common during the 70's and 80's for renowned bands to use film stages as rehearsal rooms at night. In fact, Paul McCartney and Wings were rehearsing "Venus and Mars" at EMI studios whilst we were preparing the creatures for the Cantina sequence in STAR WARS. The music would fill "the old schoolroom" which was our workshop as we labored late into the evening and by the time the album was released we knew every song. I did album covers for Graham Parker and Thin Lizy and videos for Roger Daultry and Pete Townsend. The Who part owned Shepperton Studios and their laser technicians were directly involved with the Molisar's laser effects on THE KEEP. At that same time Phil Collins was rehearsing in a room behind my workshop and Elton John rehearsed there often too.

Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder both visited my gallery at Antigua's prestigious St. James Club (along with Eddie Murphy.... and his entire family). I'm not too sure how much Stevie got from looking at my paintings but he did a lot to promote Antigua's SWEET CRY FREEDOM concert and was admired by everyone who met him.

Effects wise, I have no doubt that the most interesting video I designed for.... was Duran Duran's WILD BOYS (part of the Arena videos) that won best video in 1984. A decade later I directed BEST OF BOTH WORLDS for new recording artist Toma. As a result I met Lionel Richie and was lucky enough to win an award at the worlds largest film festival in 1996.

I hope that as CineSecrets grows I'll be able to persuade my friends in the music world to share their inside stories too. For now I only have the following.


Lionel Richie

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