A meeting with Richard Widmark..

22nd Feb 98:

Sometimes I get the distinct feeling that even if I never left my Caribbean island home....... eventually the whole world would pass by anyway. Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder,Eddie Murphy & Simon LeBon all visited my gallery at the St. James' Club (no.... not at the same time). I bumped into Timothy Dalton in the supermarket and didn't like to remind him that we worked together on FLASH GORDON. Princess Diana perused my work at Barbuda's "K" Club and Eric Clapton went sailing on my first yacht Quick Getaway. This week I had a surprise visit from Hollywood veteran Richard Widmark who was staying at The Long Bay Hotel in Antigua (the island where I live.) He knew about my movie work and dropped by to check out the art gallery, talk birds with my wife Gloria and play with our new puppy.

Richard rose through Broadway to international fame in 1947 as giggling killer Tommy Udo in KISS OF DEATH. He has made (and is still making) 80+ movies including JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, HOW THE WEST WAS WON and THE ALAMO. He also starred in the 70's TV series MADIGAN, played Senator Stiles in TRUE COLORS (1991) and was featured in BIG GUNS TALK: THE STORY OF THE WESTERN (1997).

I have to say that If I'm as fit and alert as Richard is at 83 I'll be more than pleased. We talked about my paintings and the problems of making autobiographical images that contain movie characters who's copyright is owned by the Studios. He left saying "it had been a pleasure" and that he would be back..... well the pleasure was all mine Richard!


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