Crew Profiles: Gloria Maley (Walker)

Gloria made many film and television appearances before we met in 1975, including "DOCTOR WHO", "Z CARS", "GENERAL HOSPITAL (UK)", "THE PROFESSIONALS", "THE SWEENEY", "NICHOLAS NICKLEBY" and "SOFTLY, SOFTLY:TASK FORCE". We met when she played "Janice" in Monumental Films' SATAN'S SLAVE. Although another make-up artist was looking after her, he had to leave early one night to go to an end of picture party that Glenda Jackson was throwing and Gloria and I got acquainted as I tried to scrub bloodstains off her nakedness at 1.00 the following morning.

We didn't start dating until 77 but by Sept 78 I had fooled her into marrying me.

One of the first things we did together was to write HORROR PLANET (aka INSEMINOID) for Jupiter Productions in 1980. Unfortunately we had more fun writing the script than making the movie. After a few years of marriage I became quite popular and my working hours got longer and longer. Since I didn't want her to become a stranger I tried to incorporate her into my crew when she wasn't acting somewhere. She first helped me as a foam lab assistant on THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. She did the same thing on KRULL helping me produce the foam for all the creatures and prosthetics. On LIFEFORCE she came on board as a puppeteer and operated the shriveled guard's eyes for the main transformation sequence with the pathologist. She didn't abandon me in 1985 when I decided to spend more time on my artwork and I'm glad to say she's still with me today.


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