Toma - Biography

Toma was born in 1972 and raised in the USA, Miami Beach, Florida. He started singing very early and had his first band at the age of 4, already singing in Night Clubs not only in Miami, but also throughout Florida. By the age of 6 he had his first big break as an opening act for Sammy Davis jr. at the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami Beach.

When Toma was 10 he joined the Miami Boy's Choir. Soon after he began acting, did his first national TV commercial and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild. By then he was performing as a guest artist in various TV and radio shows. He studied at the Coconut Grove Playhouse Theatre, training in singing, dancing, and acting and was performing in leading roles in several musical plays.

As part of his training he entered a modeling school at the age of 13 to study proper etiquette and runway modeling, doing fashion shows as well as print work and commercials. During his time at Miami Beach High School he joined a Rock ensemble as lead singer, performing around Florida.

By the age of 16 Toma was accepted at Hollywood Performing Arts High School and moved to Beverly Hills (California) to continue his studies in voice, dance, drama, and theatrical make-up. After leaving high school he worked as a make-up artist, did casting for music videos as well as performing in them as a dancer.

Finally he decided to concentrate on his singing career and began studying with Seth Riggs, one of the most famous vocal teachers in Hollywood, who's working with stars like Stevie Wonder, Michael and Janet Jackson, and Barbra Streisand. While working on his first album "Best of Both Worlds" he collaborated and affiliated himself with some of the most respected producers in the business, such as Narrada Michael Walden, George Duke, Richard Perry, and John Barnes Sr. He performed in live showcases throughout the USA in places like the Concord Pavillion in San Francisco, the House of Blues and Billboard Live in Los Angeles, and the Club Tattoo in New York City.

In early 1997 Toma went to Europe, promoting his music and performing in clubs in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Marbello, Spain. He also worked with the well-known techno/house producer Rafael Gisbert in Valencia before moving on to Munich, Germany for a while before returning to the USA in 1998. He currently lives in Los Angeles CA.

(To be continued...)

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