Crew Profiles: Robin Gurland..

Don't be fooled by the girlish smile! This lady will have a profound influence upon the success (or otherwise) of the new trilogy. It's so easy, as those credits fly by, to never consider what part the Casting Director played in making a movie what it is. Few have had to carry the awesome responsibility currently on the shoulders of Robin Gurland...... to establish a next (previous actually) generation of STAR WARS super heroes. Let's pray she gets it right. Personally I'm a little concerned about the lack of Americans amongst the leading players (although Lucasfilm appears to be making some effort to pad out the cast with a few capable Americans, such as Samuel L. Jackson, in supporting rolls). Traditionally, although a wealth of European (and Australian) talent has made it big with North American audiences in movies with predominantly American casts, movies with a high percentage of non US players tend not to be received whole-heartedly.


Director of Casting


Robin Gurland began her film career as a casting director working in the Bay Area doing casting searches for over 17 films such as Life With Mikey, Forrest Gump, Little Panda, and When a Man Loves a Woman. Her credits as a local casting director include The Joy Luck Club, Dangerous Minds, The Quick & the Dead, Redwood Curtain and Golden Gate. As a casting director, she cast James & The Giant Peach and worked as a consultant on The Education of Little Tree. Robin has been casting for the new Star Wars trilogy for the last two and a half years.


Good luck Robin!



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