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I first met Nick in 1978 when he joined the crew of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK as a trainee. He was 21 at the time and looked less like a vampire than he does in this recent photo. Compared to the rest of us (lunatics) he was a very serious young man. It was clear from the start that he had confidence in his abilities and was very likely to make a success of his career. Stuart Freeborn quickly adopted Nick to assist him in constructing the first Yoda puppet (which wasn't actually used until RETURN OF THE JEDI) and as such he was in many ways seperated from the rest of the workshop crew.

I remember one incident in his very early days when I sent him to a non-existant "Studio Store" for a can of para rubber. He used up his whole morning break looking for the stores while the rest of us had breakfast across the road in "The greasy spoon". He probably never forgave me.

When I left Stuart's team Nick took over my position as Stuart's #1 workshop technician, (with Graham Freeborn running the studio floor), for the completion of SUPERMAN II and several other movies. Although his official bio doesn't mention it he also helped Dick Smith on THE HUNGER, a position I truly envied.

His home is an old coaching Inn in Kendal, England where he lives with his wife Sue (who was also a movie technician when I met her years ago) and his two kids Jack(11) and Holly(9).

The last time we worked together was when he assisted me with the Emerald Sear's death transformation on KRULL. I will always remember him for his quick brain, vibrant enthusiasm, and professional attitude.



Official STAR WARS info: Nick Dudman - Creature Effects Supervisor

Nick Dudman is a veteran of several Lucasfilm productions including Return of the Jedi, Willow, and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. In fact, he got his start in films, working on Yoda, as a trainee to British make-up artist Stuart Freeborn on The Empire Strikes Back.

After apprenticing with Freeborn for four years on films such as Superman II and Top Secret!, Dudman was asked to head up the English make-up laboratory for Ridley Scott's Legend. Since then, he has worked on Mona Lisa, High Spirits, Interview With the Vampire, Batman and Judge Dredd. In 1995, he was asked to oversee the 55 man creature department for the Luc Besson film, The Fifth Element.

The ever innovative Dudman has marketed a new prosthetic material called Dermplast that is used to create remarkable ageing effects in make-up. The substance is for sale exclusively through Dudman's own company, the whimsically named, "Pigs Might Fly."



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