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Clearly Doug Chiang has assumed part of the role traditionally occupied by the Production Designer.... that of developing concept designs and establishing the overall look of the movie. In a way it is an extension of the kind of relationship that George Lucas established with Ralph McQuarrie... using an independant illustrator to establish general or particular aspects of the movie long before normal preproduction starts. When you look at the early credits below it looks like Lucas was taking a bit of a chance in 1989 when he put such responsibility into the hands of a virtual new comer, but one look at Chiang's designs (and awards) tells you that Lucas's confidence was well placed and George has a history of taking similar risks.


Director of Concept Design


Doug Chiang is a highly talented artist who has had a varied, wide-ranging career in film and television before landing the coveted job of Director of Concept Design on the new Star Wars prequels. He studied film at UCLA, and Industrial Design at the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design. Chiang started his career as a key animator on the Pee Wee's Playhouse television series before going on to direct and design TV commercials for such major companies as Rhythm and Hues, Digital Productions and Robert Abel and Associates. He won a Clio Award for his work on a Malaysian Airlines ad in 1994.

In 1989, Chiang became a Visual Effects Art Director at Industrial Light & Magic where he worked on such films as Terminator 2, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, Jumanji, Ghost, Back to the Future II, The Mask, and The Doors. He won an Academy Award and a British Academy Award for Death Becomes Her and a second British Academy Award for Forrest Gump.

As a director of independent films, Chiang has won many regional and national awards including top honors in the FOCUS Awards for Mental Block and his paintings are exhibited nationally in a variety of publications.



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