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Production Designer


Gavin Bocquet is a graduate of Newcastle Polytechnic, where he studied product design, and the Royal College of Art receiving a Master of Design degree in 1979. He started his motion picture career as an art department draftsman on The Elephant Man and Return of the Jedi. Four years later he was promoted to Assistant Art Director for the films, Return to Oz and Young Sherlock Holmes.

By the time Bocquet began work on Empire of the Sun, he was a full-fledged Art Director. Other Art Director credits include Dangerous Liaisons, Eric the Viking and Cry Freedom where he had the pleasure of working with Stuart Craig who, along with Norman Reynolds, are the men he considers to be his mentors.

Bocquet's credits as Production Designer range from the British television series, Yellowthread Street and the U.S. TV series, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, for which he received 1 Emmy award and 2 nominations, to the feature films Kafka and Radioland Murders.



1.Erik the Viking (1989) (art director)

2.Empire of the Sun (1987) (assistant art director)

3.Saturn 3 (1980) (space equipment deviser)


Production Designer

1.Star Wars: Episode I (1999)

... aka Star Wars: Genesis (1997) (working title)

... aka Star Wars: The Balance of the Force (1997) (working title)

... aka Star Wars: The Beginning (1997) (working title)

2.Radioland Murders (1994)

3.Kafka (1991)




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