Doug Chiang discusses the conceptual art developed for the city of Coruscant: Part 3

These were the views we were going to see for Coruscant. For the painting, I combined these elements because they show most of the epic scale, along with the more human scale, where we see people getting into vehicles. That was the basis for the painting.

While these scenes were designed as part of the Episode I development, we decided to use the imagery as a small preview in the Return of the Jedi Special Edition. When George began work on Jedi, he wanted to enhance the celebration at the end of the movie. He wanted to have us visit Coruscant, and give a taste for the look of Episode I. It also allowed us to use the celebration as a testbed for how these shots would play out, how they would look on the big screen. As a result, we used the end of the last movie as sort of a preview for the first movie.



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