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I worked with Terence on SUPERMAN. Although most of my work was in the MFX workshop Terence was one of the artist's I made up regularly. He is a quiet man prefering to meditate in his room than hanging out with the other cast members. I had several discussions with him about his numerous trips in search of Eastern and Indian transcendental learning. Now he has transcended to STAR WARS.


Grand Moff


Terence Stamp was born in London. His film debut as the title character in Peter Ustinov's Billy Budd shot him to international stardom where he has remained ever since.

After his success in Billy Budd he built his career working with some of cinema's most revered directors in such films as: The Collector for William Wyler; Far From The Madding Crowd for John Schlesinger; Modesty Blaise for Joseph Losey; Poor Cow for Ken Loach; Blue for Silvio Narrizzano; Theorum for Passolini; Spirits Of The Dead & Toby Dammit for Frederico Fellini; A Season in Hell for Dino Risi; and Meetings With Remarkable Men for Peter Brook.

Additional credits include: The Sicilian for Michael Cimino, Legal Eagles for Ivan Reitman, Link, Sir Laurence Wildman in Wall Street directed by Oliver Stone, Young Guns, Outer Heat and Alien Nations directed by Graham Baker. Stamp received critical acclaim for The Hit directed by Stephen Frears, and for his performance garnered the prestigious Paris Grand Medaille de Vermeil. Most recently, he starred in Beltenebros (Prince of Shadows) a Spanish film directed by Pilar Miro, and The Real McCoy with Kim Basinger and Val Kilmer.

Following his success as Bernadette in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert directed by Stefan Elliot in Australia, he played Jo Hartman in Mindbender - The Yuri Geller Story directed by Ken Russell, and Sir Edward Lamb in the French film Tire A Part, written and directed by Bernard Rapp. Stamp has most recently played 'the narrator' in a series of television films called The Hunger, directed by Tony Scott.

In addition to his acting achievements Stamp has had published the first three parts of his 'best selling' autobiography and his first novel.



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