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Sorry to disappoint you but the Daily Dose of Star Wars program has been suspended. It was disrupted when we were struggling to regain the CineSecrets.com domain name and now we are concentrating on updating the site and not DDSW . In time we will remove all links to this page.


Don't let that stop you from checking out our online Star Wars insights. CineSecrets.com provides a uniquely revealing look at Star Wars from the perspective of a Star Wars veteran (Nick Maley was a senior tech in the ESB creature workshop when Nick Dudman was a trainee!). In fact, we were the first to disclose that the "unofficial Yoda photos were deliberately leaked by Lucasfilm.... AND to provide a detailed analysis of photos of the new Yoda mechanism.... AND we revealed that the new Yoda was a glove puppet TWO MONTHS before Lucasfilm released that info. Nick made over 50 feature films and is an old friend of Nick Gillard too (Ep 1 stunt coordinator).

Often our insights are contrary to popularly held beliefs... sometimes gained from books about Star Wars. DON'T FORGET THAT THE BOOKS ARE WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT THERE. Hired by a publicity department after the fact and based on interviews with a dozen or so people. Our files are by people who WERE ACTUALLY THERE.


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