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CineSecrets is please to be an associate of books, video & more! Every month Nick gets a ton of email asking him to recommend books and videos and movie websites. Naturally, he doesn't have the time to respond to everyone and those who do get a reply often have to wait quite a while. In January 98 we produced our Movie Links which includes many sites and resources about special effects and make-up.

To aid enthusiasts further in their quest for more information, (and diminish our email a lot), we intend to release a new book & video list each month..... recommended books on an assortment of related topics. This index lists the topics covered so far.

Special Effects more next month

Christopher Reeve - An extensive list.

The first 100 Star Wars books more next month

New list next month

You can also search Amazon's 1.5 million books on any related subject you like and get great prices into the bargain. When you buy a book through us it cost you no more than going to direct but you are also helping to sponsor this free site.

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