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consider this....

THE PAGES AT RagingHeart.com address some difficult issues that all SERIOUS Users must face in their quest for the perfect slave. But do not expect to find titillation or entertainment. This is a place for serious discussion between like minded souls. If you are not serious about the BDSM lifestyle then there is little of interest for you here.

I strongly advocate RESPONSIBLE use of slaves and PRACTICAL principles aimed at generating consistent slave handling. These principles are designed for LTR and not for casual play. There is HUGE difference between maintaining a BDSM lifestyle 24/7/365 and posing for a couple of hours of kinky sex. If for you BDSM is an occasional event then these pages won't help you greatly. If however you aspire to keep a 24/7 slave then the philosophy pages are for you. They expand upon the practical and psychological aspects of actually LIVING the dream we all share. This page addresses several very basic realities & pit falls that wannabes and first time 24/7 slave Owners rarely consider.

BLIND LEADING THE BLIND: Pretty well ALL Doms accept the idea that submissives (no matter how inspired, devoted or experienced) need constant training. Yet very few even conceive that Doms might need training too! That may be because most supposed Dom's idea of training slaves is limited to beating them until they provide sexual service upon demand. Unfortunately for most slaves, that's not even the tip of the iceberg and most "Doms" haven't a clue what they are doing... especially when it comes to maintaining long term relationships 24/7. Any fool can wield a whip for a couple of hours and cum on a willing slave. The idea that someone with limited experience in the application of discipline should be automatically qualified to teach a submissive just because he feels naturally demonstrative is as ludicrous as someone deciding he can teach film making because he likes movies. Whilst natural Doms my be able to hold a subs attention for an hour or two, it takes more than enthusiasm to keep a slave occupied, focused and content day after day after day.

SUPPLY, DEMAND & EXPERIENCE: Go to sites like Alt.com that provide listings of kinksters' personal ads. Check ANY area WORLDWIDE you will see that ads for Doms generally outweigh ads for subs by OVER 10 to 1. Just think about that a moment. It's not just an interesting statistic. It's hard evidence that unless every sub has 10 times as much experience as the Doms who write to them, (which of course they do not), then AT LEAST 90% of the Doms looking for slaves must have almost no experience at all. Anything else is a statistical impossibility. What those "Doms" DO have is the dominant desires that course through the veins of most males and an embarrassment at admitting that they have little more experience than the next guy. There is so much written on the net about "true Masters" that most naturally dominant males feel obliged to pretend to be experienced and honest novice Masters willing to admit that they have a lot to learn are rare and refreshing individuals.

TRAINING FOR TRAINERS: Handling equipment is quite well covered on the net. But what is rarely discussed is the day to day structure and discipline of 24/7 slave keeping or how to avoid problems by anticipating slave reactions. Most wannabe's think that swinging a whip in the bedroom for an hour or two a day is all it takes to keep a slave. But in truth slaves need structure and direction EVERY moment of the day and that takes FAR more thought and understanding. Practical experience of applying these techniques incorporated with daily slave discipline is hard to come by. A properly structured set of rules and strict adherence to a mutually agreed code of training and conduct are essential.... MUCH more essential than flogging and name calling (though I rule out neither activity). Without a proper understanding of slave psychology long term M/s relationships become hit and miss affairs and confusion and misunderstandings become commonplace. Invited Users may use the writings I include here as a resource for a principle of slave/Master interaction that has proven to work for me. If followed wisely it will work for you too.

A SLAVE'S DILEMMA: A female looking for an Owner faces a unique set of problems... but most predominantly, she needs to be reassured that she has found a suitable recipient for her gift. No amount of whipping will convince them of that if their is no real structure in their lives 90% of the time. Most prospective slave girls long for a Master that will not just use them in keeping with their fantasies, but will also do it responsibly and ultimately appreciate their service and sacrifice. They may be outnumbered 10 to 1 but rather than making things easier it actually compounds the problem as they are bombarded by inane email from hundreds of Doms few of which offer real solutions to her problems. I have managed the affairs of several slaves. I can't begin to express the brainless approaches of most potential Users. It becomes VERY clear in a short space of time that these "Doms" have not even considered the practicality of what they are requesting. In a few lines most say words to the effect of "I am strict and oppressive but I'm an OK guy really and I want you to let me fuck and hurt you." It doesn't seem to occur to them WHY SHOULD SHE? Just because she's submissive doesn't mean that she is ready to submit to anyone who can afford a whip. In fact the barrage of insubstantial email creates a wealth of poor choices that numb the slave into indecision and often non action. If you don't really know what you are doing you are FAR more likely to get a genuine response by admitting that you are trying to find your way than you are pretending to be something you are not.

SO FEW SLAVES: For many months I spent no less than 20 hours EVERY WEEK writing to supposed prospective slaves only to realize that they are no less fanciful than your average Dom. Most are just amusing themselves... boosting their egos with a swarm of responses to non serious ads they placed. Of those who genuinely intend to go to RT a tiny fraction are the extreme slaves we all desire. Even those who frequent BDSM clubs are usually part timers letting their hair down for the night (except for a few hard nosed devotees). To find 10 serious slaves you have to ACTUALLY CORRESPOND with over 1000 and you and I both know how few respond to email. Then even amongst that final 10, after a year or more of email... most can not find the courage step on the plane... unless someone goes to collect them! If a Dom sometimes feels frustrated or questions his appeal when he sends 10 emails and gets zero response... he shouldn't. Because almost everyone else has the same problem... they just aren't admitting it.

I HOPE THAT THE INFORMATION THAT YOU FIND HERE will help you gain more understanding and perhaps feel less isolated in your quest. If you follow what I suggest you are not only more likely to find what you seek, you are more likely to keep her too. What I am documenting here is a philosophy for a practical BDSM lifestyle that may seem complicated at times but will reward your slave with a richer life that will ensure her continued devotion. Use it wisely.

HOWEVER I HAVE ONE CONDITION. Give credit where credit is due. Do not just take my words and experience and profess them to be your own. Admitting you are following My doctrine will actually give weight and credence to your ability to rule your own slaves. But claiming My words and ideas as your own and getting caught out by one of the MANY slaves who pass through these pages simply shows that you are unworthy to be called Master. Please do not do it. Instead, share this site with your sub/slave and work together to make your alternative lifestyle all that it can be. It will demonstrate to her that you are seriously pursuing knowledge and less likely to make dumb mistakes. To many prospective slaves, just being serious enough to study the intellectual aspects of Domination will give you more credibility than 100 posers.



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