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Let me be your inspiration.
Let my guidance
be your light
and my service
you're existence,
though the day
and through
the night.

Let my strength
and worldly wisdom
break you free
of the mundane.
Let me stretch you to the limit...
...bring you safely back again.

Let me touch the very essence
of your helpless
Let me reach inside your very soul
and take away the strife.

Let me hold that precious sacrifice
your gift
your sweet creation.
Let me kiss you
your lips are raw.
Let me be your inspiration

© RagingHeart all rights reserved


What can I say about myself that could begin to outline the diverse human I have become? How can I define in a few minutes something that took decades to evolve? I will try. But it would perhaps be easier to list what I am not. For I can say with confidence that I am not a fake... not a poser... nor a wannabe. I am not insincere... not a liar... nor a cheat. I am not a game player... not untrustworthy... nor am I unfaithful to my partners (in the TRUE sense of the word).

I am not lazy. I am not a quitter. And I am not afraid to give 150% of myself to everything that I do. Perhaps that is why I'm considered a leader in many fields... public and private... social and commercial. You see, there is much more to me than BDSM. I am financially secure with businesses and homes in two countries. My interests vary from art to sailing, from cinema to poetry. I am always acutely focused on the project in hand and I hope that, by example, I can inspire those I lead. Unfortunately, there are too many demands on my time. My need for capable, intelligent, followers to help me realize My goals is GREAT.

I am in many ways a strange paradox.... as caring as I am strict, as emotional as I am methodical, as flexible in my creativity as I am fixed on the foundations of my beliefs. I'm intrinsically a very loving man, but in a very demanding wrapping. I take great pride in living up to the trust others place in me and gain as much pleasure from nurturing and protecting a slave as I do in sexually dominating her. There is a sense of chivalry that I enjoy when caring for those who devote themselves to me and I have a natural sensitivity to their needs. I don't rule women by heartlessly taking what I want but by supply the support they need in order to surrender entirely. As such I am the antithesis of the stereotype kinky predator that"normal" folk imagine. I am dominant but not pushy... certainly determined and opinionated,... but probably diverse beyond your wildest imagination. Professionally I am widely celebrated for my creative mind and I use it in combination with YOUR preferences to create acts specifically designed to thrill.... and of course control.

I have practiced D/s for over two decades, initially in Europe, later in the USA and the Caribbean. Growing up in Europe BDSM was taboo and illegal. Despite social stigma we developed meaningful relationships and deep affections. At first I struggled with the usual guilt complexes but as time passed and I visited more liberal societies it became easier to overcome the repressive attitudes of my upbringing. In those days I didn't have the experience to realize that what I felt was part of my genetic code and that there is a crucial difference between being sexually dominant and being an abuser. I worked in an elite industry that allowed me to travel extensively, gathering techniques from many groups & cultures. As years passed alternative concepts and disciplines broadened my comprehension and, knowing that I had never betrayed the trust any submissive placed in me, I became comfortable with my dominant sexuality.

I am not in any way a monster, not a child molester, neither wicked nor evil. I don't impose my will on those who have not invited me to do so. But I DO use those who serve me to the maximum. Those who enjoy pain discover that I know how to apply it. Those who don't like pain discover that I can also enjoy them through many other aspects of BDSM. I am in reality an unusually responsible and considerate male with one small vice... the overwhelming desire to control willing females, to bind and restrict them, to overwhelm their ability to resist, to own their submissive flesh irrespective of shape or size. I crave their total obedience, their devoted eyes, their sexual service upon command. This "perversion" is truly natural to me... an expression of my intense sexuality. I don't apologize for it in any way. In fact, I am supremely comfortable with who I am and the harsh desires that ebb within me. MY lifestyle is founded in honesty, frankness, loyalty, and loving protection, but it also encompasses extreme, demanding, rigid, uncompromising and sometimes sadistic principles.

To those I guide I am a mentor, a confidant, a friend. I am their confessor, their teacher, an examiner and philosopher. But I will also be their judge... their jury... a jailer and disciplinarian. Anyone who submits to me will, at times, consider me a god and at others a devil... a developer and a defiler... a rock and a sponge... a father and a lover... all in one. I can be more demanding than they ever imagined and more enriching than they dared hope for.

Having lived in Europe and worked worldwide for many years, there came a time when I became dissatisfied with the hectic workload that was integral to the life I lived. I decided to relocate to the sun and balmy trade winds of the Caribbean... where tropical sunsets, sailboats and pina colladas have become a way of life. I own small businesses in two island nations and several Internet ventures. Unfortunately, the negative side of living in the Caribbean is that BDSM groups are negligible here and, although prospective slaves might visit for a while, few have the courage to relocate. I have been here many years. Consequently my kinky activities became somewhat transient, limited to visits by part timers and trips abroad. The distance has proved to be a quite a problem in establishing the full time LTR that I would prefer.

In 1995, I discovered the advantages of the Internet. I quickly recognized it's potential for business and entertainment and made it a point to add basic web design to my list of abilities. Through the net I established new links with many kinksters worldwide. I hoped to establish an online association of kinksters who would follow a common set of guidelines to establish CONSISTENT, responsible and honorable slave training. That is how these pages started. Unfortunately I discovered most prospective slaves to be unreliable and most Doms to be unworthy of a slaves trust.

My first online handle was DarkObsessions but then someone started a BDSM porn site of the same name. I didn't want to be associated with that so I changed to DarkEmotions but was never truly happy with that name. Finally my preferred domain name RagingHeart came free and I happily snapped it up. This name embodies my BDSM persona and I will not be changing again.

Over the past decade I have learned much about online BDSM. But I have generally been disappointed with the ability of others to live up to their fantasies. This site is completed as a testament to my serious intent and hopefully provides an insight into living with BDSM 24/7 as I did in Europe. I hope my words will provide REAL help to other kinksters negotiating the pitfalls of a BDSM relationship. If you are part of a kinky couple, maybe in time we will discover the pleasure of camaraderie. If you are a potential slave girl and my words fire your imagination or touch your heart, you might want to view this invitation.

Well I guess I found quite a lot to say about myself after all. Of course, I can say anything here, true or otherwise. THE BEST WAY TO KNOW ME is not via any claims that I might make, but through the subtle details found within my comments, thoughts and conclusions. Where wannabe's make sweeping claims with no substance, real experience is easily apparent through subtle insights that just cant be faked.... the details in my comprehension... the concise solutions to life's kinky concerns. Read between the lines and I will trust in your instinct to vouch for my integrity.

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