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To feed the rush,
to meet the challenge,
inspired by your frail and sweet submission,
I rise through the mundane
and lift
your noble spirit
with strength
and ingenuity.

How sweet
the satisfaction.

How selfless
and serene.

The progeny of your sacrifice,
a precious flower,
emerging on the sidewalk of humanity.

Born of darkness,
free amid the light,
by pride,
fired with passion,
you transcend the norm
a tribute to humility
and turning from society's expectations
you soar beyond the shadows of mediocrity.

Oh how my heart swells with pride.
Oh how my loins swell with lust,
as impaled upon my will
you ascend that brightest heaven
that precious place
that sweet oasis


© RagingHeart all rights reserved




Discipline is a clock that runs on time.
The small hand's yours.
The big hand's mine.

Hand in hand we'll face the day and tic and toc our lives away.

© RagingHeart all rights reserved

history & principles

THIS OVERVIEW provides an introduction to the nature of this site, but is far from a synopsis of contents. Don't think skimming this page will shortcut the process of acquiring insight. In TRUE BDSM there is no realistic value in shortcuts. Here you will find a little background on me, a statement of intent and a key that may eventually unlock your dreams. The journey you embark upon is not an easy one. But nothing of lasting value is easy.

EXPLORING the diverse elements contained within these pages should generate new perspectives on that elusive "something" your instinct constantly searches for. These will require you to stretch your concepts, to overlook the obvious and to delve into the FUNDAMENTAL elements of the lifestyle you imagine. It will not be what you expect. You will have to reexamine your current ideas and adapt the superficial trappings of kinkiness that outsiders perceive to incorporate a true doctrine for alternative living.

By presenting MY concepts here I don't mean to suggest that my way is the only way, or that the opinions of others do not have value. The world is to vast for any doctrine to contain all truths and embracing valued principles of others is the only road to complete understanding. I present my ideology here simply as the guru of my own alternative philosophy... a philosophy of STRICT, FAIR and CARING BDSM that I know from experience works for those who fully embrace it.

You should not mistake this place for a fluffy dungeon. There is a BIG difference between "caring" and "soft". There are no titillating games here... no light weight thrills... no comfortable couples getting a smirk over kinky suppositions. The principles I share are uncompromising and strict and as hard as joining any other discipline for living. The site is a manual of sorts... the manual to MEANINGFUL submission. It is also a record of sorts... a record of my thoughts and experience. It is also a gospel of sorts... a gospel of enlightenment... a religion I have spent over a quarter of a century developing.

FORMAL PRINCIPLES OF TRAINING are essential to a structured existence. Wannabes wander through various acts without rhyme or reason. That approach leads nowhere meaningful and wastes a slave's potential development. However, the adoption of formal principles of training provides slaves with stability and continuity (especially in an environment of multiple Users). Such principles MUST be constant, absolute and clearly defined. What most "Masters" miss is that THEY TOO must abide by the rules they impose in order to provide stability and continuity. The slaves psyche is a delicate balance of daring and obedience. They MUST always know exactly where they stand and as such the rules that govern their lives need to be inflexible in detail but general enough to allow for varying circumstances. Lack of consistent treatment is the #1 complaint of slaves when dealing with inexperienced Doms.

MY PHILOSOPHY Is only now being documented and presented on this site. Over the years I have written a lot. So to start with I am simply providing extracts from past correspondence that outline various aspects of the principles I apply. Many sites focus on contracts, definitions and techniques of bondage and sadomasochism, but the fundamental structure of a BDSM relationship is FAR more important than any individual activity. Few sites address the PRACTICALITIES of long term training and the psychological consequences of positive and negative techniques. The words I offer here are intended to redress that somewhat. In a nutshell, I believe BDSM IS NOT A GAME. IT'S A LIFESTYLE. AND WE SHOULD LIVE IT. I don't believe in "scenes" or play part time BDSM games or superficial play parties. I believe in building a stable relationship founded on caring dominance, constant communication and rigid discipline. I have a LOT to say so it's going to take time to compile. Please be patient and visit the philosophy pages regularly for updates.



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