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This is a lifestyle not a crime.

The nature of these activities encourages the attention of snoops and thought police who would happily shut down lifestyles that do not conform with their own views. As a result kinksters civil liberties are eroded and they are forced to be cautious and security minded. Opposition tries to cast moral and legal aspersions... presuming that slaves are weak minded and limiting others with their own repressions. We don't tell them how to live their lives and as long as our activities are not illegal we expect them to allow us the same freedom. To be honest, we do not need the discussion. But, I think many do it as an excuse to create mischief and I ask all to seriously consider my message below.

For the record... All "slaves" that I deal with are entirely consensual and voluntary. None are minors by whatever legal standard rules in the country or location where they reside. Each is enslaved NOT by the chains and collars that they wear but internally by the desires that drive them to serve totally and absolutely. All express their NEED to serve and be used regularly. They are not week, or mentally impaired or brainwashed. This is a life they FREELY chose as a consenting adult. In reality their motives are more honest and intuitive than those artificially created by modern society. They are rooted in their genetic code and not imposed by social propaganda or peer pressure.

Slaves never profit from their bodies in any way. Outsiders should not allow the sexual nature of this lifestyle to cloud that issue. Narrow minded people may consider them whores or sluts because some serve multiple partners but they are probably the purest nurturers and most giving people you will ever have the privilege to know.

To ALL opponents of those of us who CHOOSE to consensually live this life I say this....

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

What I say here is said without malice or spite. I have no bias against those who choose NOT to live by my preferences... I just wish that you had the good grace to allow me the same privilege. To access these pages in the way they were designed you had to pass a warning page that clearly stated the nature of this site... and you had to declare that you were not offended by this material and not opposed to our way of life as practiced by CONSENTING ADULTS. So why are you here? If you pretend to be something you are not... you are likely to find things you don't like. We harm no one by our acts and actively discourage access by unsuitable persons.

Someone once wrote to me... "i don't like the games you play or the women you use even though you're not committing any crimes." It is a shame that we can't all live and let live. I provide only what is asked of me. I am not an abuser (though ignorance may lead you to mistakenly think I am). I take nothing that is not freely given.... BY ADULTS. It is a symbiotic dance of fantasies where I play my part and others play theirs according to their needs. In reality, I enslave no one. They are already enslaved by their own desires. I confine no one. They freely enter and can freely leave if they make that desire known. Anyone knows that actual slavery is illegal. But you seem to overlook the right of the individual to FREELY choose their own destiny and sexual preferences. It appears that is a human right you would like to amend. I don't tell you how to live your life so PLEASE don't presume to tell me how to live mine.

Society seems to think that "slaves" are simple minded, or stupid, or backward or sick or easily lead. In truth consensual slaves are usually well educated and very intelligent. They are bright, imaginative creatures with greater strength and ability than most people. Similarly I am no evil abuser just because I facilitate their dreams. In doing so responsibly I actually protect them from harm. There is a BIG difference between using a slave and abusing a slave. If you took the trouble to try to understand us you would see that this site is VERY clear that the life I offer is based on caring and responsible principles and even when there is physical pain involved... no one is emotionally hurt or deprived.

You think me a monster... but I would never attack you just for being different to me, or set a trap (usually a false personal ad or email) to ensnare unsuspecting people looking for willing partners as outsiders have done in the past. The problems facing the US in the 21st Century are based upon intolerance of other's ways of life. We are all opposed to such intolerance and yet most malicious attacks on kinksters originate in America. I thought America was about letting people live there lives as they wanted not a place where others decided how consenting adults should behave in private. If we all had a little respect for each others differences, the world would be a far safer and peaceful place.

Attacks on me HAVE TAUGHT ME A LESSON..... not to believe that others on the net represent themselves truthfully and to watch out for malicious abuse from spiteful snoops. The trouble is that the only way to protect against such things is not to use the net at all which means YOU have robbed ME of my freedoms. If you impose your views upon your victims you deprive them of their civil liberties, that makes YOU the enslaver.

I wish you happiness and greater understanding.


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