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In the darkness of subspace
I find you,
your pert nipples reaching
for the stars.

The lily whiteness of your flesh
offers a perfect canvas for the raw welts of my caress.

Your moist openness
invites my rigidity
to cum,
and cum,
and cum again.

Is it the delicate grace
and passive beauty,
of such helpless humility,
that inspires my firm resolve?

Is it simply my rod that drives me onto you again
in a flurry of harsh strokes and dark obsessions?
I love to hear you

between the thrusts of my aggression.

I have to take that frail
simply because you're there to be taken.

This raging heart
will not be still
you are consumed
within my last embrace.

© RagingHeart all rights reserve

is this?

OK so you're wondering what this site is all about.. You have probably done the rounds of BDSM web pages, found all the junky sites selling kinky porn, found numerous resources with personal ads, stories, rope techniques, bondage photos, slave contracts, D/s chat and other superficial trappings of the bdsm lifestyle. It doesn't take long to realize that 95% of the surfers there are simply thrill seekers. Well, I have no intention of duplicating that. What is much harder to find is serious, practical, advice on how to LIVE this lifestyle 24/7 once the thrill of the play party is over. That is what I discuss here.

Just because a guy feels the need to be dominant doesn't mean that he has the tools and skills to WISELY guide and control the hopeful sub who has put her trust in him. Keeping a sub occupied 24 hours a day without drifting into spitefulness or running out of ideas isn't easy. Knowing how to maintain meaningful, fair and consistent discipline isn't a god given gift. Maintaining a stable BDSM relationship needs a firm hand and a subtle insight that is hard to acquire without making numerous mistakes.

The BDSM doctrine that you will find in these pages evolved over many relationships and several decades. It has little in common with traditional relationships. BDSM is not a kinky bedroom game for partners who otherwise apply the expectations of regular couples. To be real and truly meaningful kinksters need to cast off entirely the regular expectations of husbands and wives... of boyfriends and girlfriends. There is no common base for such expectations. They need to clear their minds of behavior dictated by family and peer pressure and look instead at living in step with the core principles that drive their fantasies. But the vacuum left in the absence of traditional values needs to be filled in a disciplined, fair and way. For slaves that means embracing selfless sacrifice, For Doms it means gaining the respect and control they crave by balancing desire with caring responsibility.

The doctrine you will find here is based on European foundations which harness principles of internal enslavement to bind a slave to her Owner through her own needs and desires. Through these pages you will learn more of that and, by implication, you will get to know me too. For now let me start with this...

"Training" should not a euphemism for sadism where impossible tasks are set just to generate an excuse for punishment. Such situations undermine the importance of REAL consequences of BOTH good and bad behavior. True training is a CAREFUL balance between discipline, pleasure and personal development. Its a symbiotic dance where the Master leads and the student follows and together they produce something that neither could do alone. For the Dom to "lead" the sub MUST be eager to follow and the steps must remain constant and in rhythm. Otherwise the dance they perform becomes a shambles... a disaster. Like all teams they work on their weaknesses TOGETHER until their "act" is everything they know it should be.


BDSM is NOT a game... it's a lifestyle... live it!



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