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Tortured days.
Disturbed nights.
Curious ways.
Love bites.
Dark unions.
Fetish fires.
New confusions.
Dark desires.
New obsessions.
Tempting pleasure.
Deep confessions.
Slave treasure.
New passions.
Hopes & dreams.
Rules & rations.
Writing reams.
Mental flights.
Inner vision.

These crazy nights
of indecision.

© RagingHeart all rights reserved

(How deep is my diversity
In nights of crazed uncertainty)




In the warmth of your loins
I will torment you.
And tease the tender passions from your soul.

In the softness
of your breast
I'll take harsh pleasures
that the fire of desire
shall not grow cold

But before those ardent lusts
can know fulfillment,
there must be a bonding
physical and real.
And the distance,
ever growing,
be foreshortened.
And the fate of our existence
be revealed.

Are you
my humble cunt
a sweet possession?
Or lost
within a mother's
caring hand?
Are you
to be my chattel
and obsession?
Or gone
a fleeting shadow
in an ever distant land?

© RagingHeart all rights reserved

YOUR WALK ON THE WILD SIDE... starts with a single step. As she travels the uncertain road of a difficult transition the prospective sex slave is bombarded by hollow offers and shallow intellects. SHE SHOULD NOT MISTAKE their noise and mass for real substance. (A tiny atom holds more power than a dump truck.) SHE SHOULD NOT MISTAKE good looks for good news or physical appeal for lifelong satisfaction. SHE MUST NOT MISTAKE the power to persuade for the power to deliver or absolute crap for absolute slavery.

Females looking for an Owner face a unique set of problems...

  • how to start,
  • how to be appealing yet deal with the PRACTICAL issues of wading through the fakers,
  • how to ensure that her needs are met along with those of her prospective Master
  • and most predominantly, how to distinguish a SERIOUS and stable recipient for the gift she bestows without appearing pushy, or selling herself short, or setting herself up for abuse and disappointment.

It's particularly tough when most surfers of alternative sites are game players hiding behind anonymous IDs. They are usually wannabes with more imagination than practical knowledge, a fact they almost never admit . Unfortunately, naive concepts and unrealistic demands frequently produce unsatisfactory relationships that can disappoint and scare novices away from the destiny they should have known.

Being inexperienced is not actually something to be ashamed of. Not if new kinksters are honest with their partners and strive to grow in a safe and meaningful fashion. It's much better to explore your sexuality with a caring, responsible novice than to put blind faith in the hands of someone pretending to know something that they don't. One easy way to recognize a faker is through their haste to demand that you satiate their immediate desires, often with little concern for the consequences. To make an analogy, what would you think of an Olympic swimming coach who's idea of training was simply to throw a new swimmer in the deep end and demand a world class performance just because He/She lusted for a gold medal? A true Master is a guide and a teacher who steadily improves a slaves performance through safe and progressive development. Inexperienced BDSMers, both Dominant and submissive, often think this lifestyle is simply about the thrill of satisfying a User's needs. But that's a very short sighted view and usually such relationships are very short lived. Most prospective slaves fall short of the goals they are set. Handled insensitively, hey become filled with fear and uncertainty and usually end up settling for unsatisfying vanilla relationships and an armful of unfulfilled dreams. DON"T BE ONE OF THEM. Avoid the obvious, especially if a prospective partner looks too good to be true. Ask prospective partners LOTS of respectful but searching questions to ensure that they have a structured and BALANCED foundation on which to meaningfully build the thrilling acts you both dream of. Look for a dominant partner with sufficient emotional maturity to satisfy the needs of both symbiotic participants.

Whilst I think virtual BDSM is worthless, I enjoy establishing new friends, especially if that might eventually lead to some sort of real time interaction, (sexual or otherwise). So if you are truly serious about pursuing this lifestyle, are open to expanding your horizons with an unconventional mentor or simply want to discuss my philosophy further via email then by all means introduce yourself. I won't expect you to become a new partner. In fact, I will seriously doubt it. Although that is something that I would welcome with the right novice, I have come to accept that my location is such that it discourages serious thoughts of relocation in most novices. One thing I ask is that you understand that I own two businesses in two countries and live a very busy life. I have limited time for writing frequent extensive messages and ZERO patience for game players.

If you prefer to simply browse these pages then I hope my words with help you formulate realistic expectations and understand better the practical issues of living this amazing lifestyle. Good luck, be safe and be happy.

Slaves vary....... from spirited, devoted, slave princesses, to crude and worthless slave cunts. An experienced Master shapes a slave's existence in keeping with HER individuality and preferred slave persona He INSPIRES her submission by feeding the fires that drive her to serve and subduing the elements that undermine her development. Forcing all slaves into the same mold is counter productive. They should NOT all be treated equally.The possibilities are endless and thrilling.


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