The Belgian CHOCOLATE Shop is 30 yards down Old Street on the right... next door to Colombian Emeralds. Its much more than a store. This shop is really a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. It is the ONLY place in the whole Caribbean making sweets to genuine Belgian chocolate recipes. They produce wickedly delicious confectionery ON SITE and these are probably the freshest chocolates you will ever taste.

Belgian chocolate is considered by many connoisseurs to be the best in the world. The Belgian CHOCOLATE Shop import the basic chocolate by airline direct from Belgium. Once in Old Street their expert confectionery chef takes over. You can see him practicing his art in the chocolate workshop daily. Watch as he prepares the molds and fills chocolates with secret recipes made from the purest butter, cream and natural flavors... only the very best ingredients. The result is a haunting flavor will stay with you long after you leave St. Maarten.

Tempting cabinets crammed full with a multitude of mysterious blends of decadent chocolate makes choosing your favorites both fun and challenging. Because the shop gets very crowded in the afternoon, its wise to buy your chocolate in the morning. But don't panic... YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM MELTING! Chocolates are sold in specially designed boxes that will protect them from melting for about two hours... even in the fierce Caribbean heat. The staff are very accommodating too. Bernard, the manager, will happily keep your purchase in the refrigerator while you continue shopping care free. Return to pick them up whenever you are ready to go back to your hotel or ship. The Belgian CHOCOLATE Shop has even arranged with SOME ships to deliver your delicious purchase direct to your cabin.

It goes without saying that any trip to Sint Maarten is incomplete without a visit to the Belgian CHOCOLATE Shop.


The Belgian CHOCOLATE Shop

109 Old Street Philipsburg, Sint Maarten N.A.

Tel./Fax: 005995 428 863 - Cell: 00590 27 48 44


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