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If you're traveling to Antigua by plane or ship and you're into art, OR movies, OR both... prepare yourself for a totally unique experience. You might start by asking why a small art gallery called Island Arts, located in the downtown duty-free center, would be described as a MUST SEE onboard 9 cruise lines and in just about every guidebook to this popular tropical getaway. It's not because of the vibrant, original paintings. It's not the wide variety of affordable prints either. It's not the charming collection of hand made crafts, nor the friendly staff, nor the incredible online after sales support. It's not even the surreal experience of discovering the rarest of all STAR WARS prints & other unexpected movie memorabilia in this distant Caribbean isle. No, the reason Island Arts is the only gallery in the Leeward Islands recommended by Royal Caribbean AND Celebrity, by Costa AND Sun cruises, by Cunard AND Princess AND Norwegian AND Holland America is because amid the delightful artworks and terrific deals, you are likely to find the YodaGuy*, international artist, movie make-up wizard and EMMY nominee, Nick Maley. Nick was one of 6 special effects make-up artists who built the creatures for the main unit shoot of the famed STAR WARS "Cantina" bar scene. He was also closely involved in the creation of Yoda for the Hollywood blockbuster EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Meeting Nick is one of the region's rarest opportunities. In fact you should ask where else in the world could you meet a STAR WARS veteran and have him commemorate your holiday by personally dedicating a print to you? Better still... Island Arts gives it's visitors a 10-25% discount off the international prices of Nick's vibrant artwork... just for choosing Antigua for your 2002 vacation!

Nick traded his Ferrari for a sail boat in 1985 when he and his wife Gloria settled in Antigua. Having exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Dominican Republic's Museum of Modern Art, Nick's celebrated paintings have been shown in 17 countries, including a three year world tour with the United Nations. Owned by celebrities like Oliver North & Richard Widmark, they're in collections by UNESCO and the People's Republic of China. Whilst contributing to 53 movies, including SUPERMAN and HIGHLANDER, Nick worked alongside megastars like Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins and Robert Redford. Not surprisingly, he has many stories to tell. An award winning video director in his own right, his film work was featured in CINEMAX and HBO specials, won a place in The Guinness Book of World Records, and graced the cover of American Cinematographer. In 1996, his directing debut won a medal at the worlds largest film festival, with over 3400 entries from 38 countries.

 The Island Arts DOWNTOWN gallery is open 6 days a week. It's found UPSTAIRS at Heritage Quay Duty Free Center and because it is so heavily featured by cruise lines, you can be pretty sure that, on the days when the mega-ships are in port, you will find the YodaGuy there ready to dedicate your purchase especially for you! There's often a buzz as passengers invest in the growing value of Nick's elite originals and collectible prints... both available at the lowest prices anywhere in the world. If you prefer to take time to chat you should call (268) 461 6324 and make an appointment to visit Nick's home and studio about 4 miles from St. Johns, (directly behind the Hodges Bay Club). Officially described as open "by chance or appointment", it features Nick's originals, his prints, movie relics and provides a rare insight into the glamorous world of film making.

With the resurgence of STAR WARS, Nick's award winning movie archive, CineSecrets.com (dubbed "Best of the Web - special effects" by the BBC), received as many as 500000 hits a week. Nick provides exceptional after sales support through his webhub YodaGuy.com which also accesses his online gallery IslandArtsAntigua.com, his virtual tour of Antigua and MUCH, much more. You'll find Nick's biography, his credits, art care, artist's notes, print sales & valuations, a FREE monthly art draw, discounts for 2nd time buyers, and numerous stories about legendary movies and superstars.... stories like the time George Lucas caught Nick nailing another crew member to the floor!

Your trip to Island Arts is a unique opportunity to meet this esteemed artist and movie veteran. His movie work has has touched a million hearts and his superb artwork is well on the way to doing the same thing. Coming to Antigua and missing this once in a lifetime experience is wasteful. You can even profit through the special discount program. In fact, for little more than the cost of a T-shirt he will dedicate a print or an autographed photo of him assembling Yoda to you or a loved one.... at no extra charge! ... See you there!

*NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO LUCASFILM OR GEORGE LUCAS who own all rights to Yoda and the other creatures from Star Wars. In fact the use of the string "yoda" in our domain name and the presentation of images from the saga are courtesy of their generosity in allowing us to do so. Our use of the name YodaGuy and registration of the domain YodaGuy.com is NOT intended to imply that Nick was the only "guy" who worked to produce Yoda. There were several people involved in making four versions of Yoda for ESB and more again for versions in ROTJ and PTM. Credit is given to most of them in the making Yoda pages of our movie archive CineSecrets.com. Please read those for further clarification. Our use of the name implies ONLY that Nick Maley is a guy who was involved. Yoda and all creatures for the classic Star Wars trilogy were masterminded by Stuart Freeborn who Nick worked with on and off over a 7 year period. The initial drawing was by Ralph McQuarrie. Other people involved in building Yoda for ESB include Wendy Midner, Graham Freeborn, Ron Hone, Bob Keen and Nick Dudman (who built the new Yoda for PTM).

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