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International artist, movie make-up wizard and EMMY nominee, Nick Maley, (the driving force behind Antigua's Island Arts Galleries) has lived in Antigua for 16 years and contributed to many local shows including Carnival. The exceptional quality of Nick's work is a reflection of 17 years spent as a master creature and costume builder for hollywood moguls such as George Lucas. Nick contributed to many of the famed STAR WARS Cantina creatures, and was closely involved in the creation of Yoda for the Hollywood blockbuster EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.


Nick traded his Ferrari for a sail boat in 1985 when he and his wife Gloria settled in Antigua. He rapidly built a reputation as an outstanding artist and his celebrated paintings have been shown in 17 countries, including exhibitions at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Dominican Republic's Museum of Modern Art, and a three year world tour with the United Nations. They're also included in collections by UNESCO and the People's Republic of China.

Soon after arriving in Antigua, Nick established a close affiliation with couturiere and carnival costume designer Calvin Southwell and the two have collaborated on many projects over the years. The Antigua Carnival 2000 poster features Nick's body painting on Calvin for Carnival 1999.... a real crowd stopper (left). Nick helped Calvin with all of his biggest fashion presentations too, designing the stages for Calvin's "Darkside of the Catwalk" and last year's "Evolution 10" which transformed the Multi-purpose Exhibition Center into an immense theater. (right). (Nick also designed the stage for Carnival 96 and the Miss World (Antigua) Pageant in 1992).

He was teaching body painting and theatrical make-up as early as 1969 when he was a consultant lecturer at Middlesex Polytechnic and drama schools around London, England. The first of his body make-ups seen in Antigua was when he stunned the audience of one of Calvin's fashion shows at The Royal Antiguan Hotel with two extraordinary "cat men" (right & below), achieved entirely with paint, cloth tails and a pair of socks for ears!

We aren't going to give you the whole bio here, (you can download that top left), but in short, prior to arriving in Antigua, Nick had contributed to 53 movies, including SUPERMAN and HIGHLANDER and worked alongside megastars like Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins and Robert Redford. Not surprisingly, he has many stories to tell. An award winning video director in his own right, his film work was featured in CINEMAX and HBO specials, won a place in The Guinness Book of World Records, and graced the cover of American Cinematographer. In 1996, his directing debut won a medal at the worlds largest film festival, with over 3400 entries from 38 countries.

The resurgence of the STAR WARS saga generated an extraordinary world wide explosion of public interest in Nick's movie work and spurred the transformation of his initial web site from a few pages for customers of Island Arts Galleries into 3 distinct domains.... an award winning mega movie archive,, (named "Best of the Web - special effects" by the BBC, later receiving as many as half a million hits in a single week!), an online extension of his Caribbean art galleries and an Antiguan tour guide. To complicate matters more, the fabrication of these entities provided this extraordinary artist with a new wave of creative skills which in turn gave birth to numerous second generation internet entities. You can visit any one of a dozen of Nick's virtual worlds by click anywhere you see.......

The body paintings for Calvin S aren't the only ones he's done in Antigua. Last year he also worked with another close friend, Jughead (Wizard), to create a face painting for Jughead's daughter & troop leader, (below left and right).

Nick's paintings of Carnival and other local scenes have graced the pages of many magazines and were featured on the cover of THE ANTIGUAN magazine.

It is perhaps a sign of the quality of Nick's work that Island Arts Galleries has become the most recommended gallery in the Leeward Islands for cruise ships. No less than 9 cruise lines now direct their passengers to Nick's elite originals and collectable prints at the lowest prices anywhere in the world. Now known widely as Antigua's YodaGuy nocks aclaim onboard started with Royal Caribbean and quickly spread to Celebrity Cruise Lines. But soon other lines like Costa, Sun and Crystal followed suit and were recently joined by Cunard, Holland America, Princess and Norwegian Lines.

Many of the images you see here can be bought at Island Arts Galleries. If you'd like to invest in Nick's inexpensive signed lithographs, (some cost little more than a T-shirt!), the Island Arts Gallery, upstairs at Heritage Quay Duty Free Center, is open 6 days a week..... and they run a special over carnival.

from the movie LIFEFORCE

from the movie KRULL




from one week prior to carnival until one week after the end of Carnival you can get 10%-50% off all items made by Nick and other selected artists. Works by Cadman Mathias, Yolanda Woodbery, hand crafted wall plaques and digitally re-mastered antique prints of Antigua and other islands. If you are not in Antigua you can still take part! Visit, choose what you like and then email YodaGuy(at) to find out what your discounted price will be.

If you are in Antigua you will find the YodaGuy at the Island Arts Gallery, upstairs at Heritage Quay whenever the BIG ships are in port. There's often quite a crush as cruise passengers clamber to invest in the growing value of Nick's spectacular artwork, so you might prefer to call (268) 461 6324 and arrange to visit Nick's home and studio "Aiton Place", about 4 miles from St. Johns, (directly behind the Hodges Bay Club). Surrounded by lush gardens and tropical birds, Aiton Place is an elegant residence, housing a large collection of originals by acclaimed regional artists, relics of Nick's movie work, and rare STAR WARS memorabilia.

Make the most of this unique opportunity to acquire a collectable by this esteemed artist and movie veteran who's work has touched a million hearts. Not only is it a bargain, but he'll even dedicate your print, (or autographed photo of him assembling Yoda!), to you or a loved one.... no extra charge!


"Carnival Country"


Nick's Carnival painting 93
became front cover of

"Carnival Queen" exhibited
at the Royal Ontario Museum.
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from the movie HIGHLANDER

"Teach the Children"


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