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We are proud to say that we have a high percentage of repeat customers and are always thrilled to get messages from our patrons around the world, ESPECIALLY when they have something nice to say. We hope that reading the words of SATISFIED customers will help convince others that what we offer IS exceptional. Although we have only published a few here I think it is self evident that our efforts to provide FRIENDLY assistance, OUTSTANDING SERVICE and a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE have not gone unnoticed....

Jennifer Horn writes

" During the course of our rambles, we happened to spot a shop that had the same name as Nick's home, Island Arts, so we went in. Some of his stuff was hanging on the walls, mixed in with other artists', and one of the shopkeepers invited us to check out the upstairs. I am SO glad we did. Nick was puttering around up there. He introduced himself, showed us some of his works, and started telling us all kinds of stories about the movies he worked on. He was SO AMAZINGLY COOL!!!! Incredibly laid-back and friendly, just this great guy. We bought a print, which he signed for us and added a dedication. His stuff is really gorgeous, he's very talented. After half an hour or so, we went downstairs to pay, and who was manning the register but his lovely wife? She was also amazingly friendly, chatty and nice, talking to us about the island and the resorts and the cruises... we felt so welcome there. It was just really neat."

Hancock, Paul - writes

"I recently visited you at your gallery in St.John's and just wanted to say a most sincere thank-you! I purchased one of the Star Wars "themed" boards - the Millennium Falcon - which, as an avid vintage Star Wars collector, takes pride of place in my collection, something quite unique amongst the action figures and other memorabilia! It was a true pleasure to meet you and to chat with you about your work. I'm a vociferous movie fan, and to meet someone who has such a close affinity with(at least in my opinion) legends - Stuart Freeborn, the Superman films, Star Wars and more - was an absolute treat! I said at the time that you'd made my holiday (actually it was my honeymoon!), but on reflection I think it's more accurate to say that you've made my year! I am absolutely delighted to have met you, to listen to your experiences and to have a memento of the occassion. Thank you also for agreeing so willingly to have your photograph taken with me in the gallery, something that you must get asked to do 100 times a day, but your lack of hesitation was heartening - I don't think I've smiled so much in a while!

I couldn't recommend a visit to your gallery highly enough - for anyone who appreciates interesting and thought-provoking artwork it's a must, and for Star Wars fans of all ages it's an absolute necessity! " writes to the Antigua & Barbuda bbs...

"...and then on to the StarWars party that night, which was one of our highlights ( if not THE highlight) of our trip). Nick Maley and his gracious wife, Gloria have a lovely home/gallery at Hodges Bay and we were greeted by the squaking of parrots upon our arrival. It was a small group and I got to meet Pirate (from the Forum) and his lovely wife - and his wife wanted me to remind everyone how much he looks like a young Burt Reynolds...he does, only better. :-) It was great meeting Pirate, as we had emailed back and forth a few times. Nick gave a fabulous and very interesting talk, not just about StarWars but about his career and life - loved the story about how he and his wife met. Folks, if you are not a huge StarWars buff, you will still enjoy these parties. Where else will you ever get a chance to sit down and talk with a man like Nick who has such a respected and interesting history in movies. After Nick's talk, and tour of his gallery, most of us went to dinner (Nick, Gloria, Pirate and Mrs. Pirate, and me and Skip) back to CHUTNEYS, where we ate and drank the night before. Richard greeted us like old-time friends, which is exactly how we felt. More fascinating stories by Nick and Gloria that included not just movies, but about Antigua politics, their rescue work with animals and just a vast array of topics - it was a magical night with good friends, good food and good wine - a perfect last night in Antigua. Thanks again Nick and Gloria. I do hope to see you again someday."

Cher Dombrowski writes...

"In the afternoon, we were on a quest to meet "The Yoda Guy." In the shopping area right at the pier is the Island Arts Gallery. It's on the second floor, in the building just pass the round covered bench area on the street that is an extension of the pier. In the loft above the gallery you can meet Nick Maley. He did makeup and special effects for all three Star Wars movies and is both a talented artist and a fascinating conversationalist. We bought some original Star Wars memorabilia for my son's 25th birthday on which Nick wrote a personal message (he was absolutely thrilled &endash; I am now the Mom of the Year!); a numbered print of his autobiographical painting for ourselves (# 37 of 195); two small unlimited edition prints of the same painting for our children (on which he autographed and wrote personal messages for them); a map of the southern Caribbean (on which he drew our route and a personal message). Do not miss a visit to "The Yoda Guy." If you have time before you leave, check out his web site at After our great time with Nick, we wentŠ."

"Our Favorite Experiences In Antigua? The Yoda Guy! We didn't hear about Nick until someone on our tour on Thursday morning mentioned him. My son (left at home to watch the dogs and go to classes) had turned 25 on Monday and is a Star Wars fanatic. We were able to get him some authentic Star Wars memorabilia on which Nick wrote a personal message for him. Although his artwork is very good, the highlight was actually talking with him. He has had a fascinating life (including being nominated for an Emmy) and is a great story-teller. The best part of our visit with him was that he so clearly enjoys sharing his experiences with visitors."

Lyrraa(at) writes...

Hi Nick -

I just wanted to let you know how much Gabe and I enjoyed our visit to your gallery last Thursday in Antigua. Everyone here back home in New York loves the Caribbean map (remember, the one matted in pink) and would like to visit you in the future. I told them that in addition to wonderful art, you offered such genuine friendliness and interesting conversation.

I have been reading from your webpage and your bio and it has been wonderful finding out about your various accomplishments. Can't wait to make a return trip! Thanks again so much for a very memorable visit and a wonderful map, which will hang proudly in my living room. You are truly a work of art. All the best from "The Pink One" and I hope to hear from you soon -

Trish :)

the REAL Blondie writes...

Re: Nick Maley ROCKS

Nick is a wonderful guy who helped create Yoda and the other characters in the cantina scene. He has GREAT stories to tell and is super friendly. I brought home many of his gorgeous prints (very reasonable prices) and lots of fond memories of Nick and Antigua. Stop by his shop in Heritage Quay and have a chat with him.

You won't be disappointed.



If you enjoyed meeting Nick PLEASE help us spread the word. Leave a recommendation for tourist's soon to visit the island (at your favorite travel site) or send us a photo to put online. Of course if you REALLY enjoyed meeting us you can drop a line to the St Maarten Tourist Board, Philipsburg, St Maarten Netherlands Antillies, or Social services at your hotel. Not everyone understands that so many visitors appreciate the uniqueness of having a Star Wars veteran on the island.


We are always pleased to hear from our extended family of customers!

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"The Swineheart's" write...

Dear Nick, We were two of the cruise ship persons who stumbled upon your wonderful shop while out shopping one day on Antigua. The prints we purchased along with the special collage of the call sheet from one of the Star Wars movies was the hit of my son's graduation party. (The gifts were for him.) Your work is wonderful and we look forward to coming back someday and finding other treasures. Thank you for the fine service in your shop, the courteous way you staff treated visitors and most of all your taking the time to help us pick out the right things for our "Star Wars" fan and the autograph. You are all appreciated, Donna & Brian Swineheart, MI

Patrick Jenkins writes

"I just had a few of your prints framed that I purchased from you in May. I wanted to look at a few more for my home. My sister in law is going to be in St Maarten in September. I told her she must stop by your shop, and meet you. I know she will find your art  work, and You very enjoyable! I have told so many people about meeting you , in fact just today I was showing a neighbor some of your prints, and telling him how nice a person you were. I was very impressed that you took the time with my wife and I . Yet you still made every person who stopped in your shop feel welcomed with out making us feel like we were holding you up. Now to think that you took the time to answer my e mail yourself instead of giving the task to another. Thank You so much, it was truly a pleasure to meet you. I hope I'll have the pleasure one day shake your hand again! Best Regards, Patrick Jenkins. 8103 Silver Fox Circle , Glen Burnie Md. 21061 U.S.A.

Barb, writes...

I also found Nick the Yoda Guy 8 years ago. I have 2 beautiful prints. Before I got married, my sister and I shared a home. I "got custody" of the prints when I moved. There was a battle over those prints. I won with the stipulation that if I ever went back, I had to buy her some new prints. So, Nick the Yoda guy, I will be seeing you when we visit...... or my sister will kill me!!

Jim & Laurie from Gettysburg write...

Meeting "Nick the Yoda Guy"

I just want to let everybody know that back on 17 June we stopped at Nick's gallery. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed the visit. We found Nick to be a very friendly and interesting man with a lot of great Star Wars production information to relate and a marvelous collection of both his own as well as local artists' works to admire and purchase. I understand that he will be hosting some Star Wars and artwork related get togethers at his home gallery and studio. These get togethers will offer refreshments and should be an fascinating way to meet a very interesting and talented artist and also be able to acquire autographed original artworks.

If you are staying at Pineapple Beach and are interested in seeing Nick's gallery check with Wille the taxi driver who operates from PBC. He has some info from Nick and is very helpful, a good driver, and a nice guy.

Joe and Jean Koss write

"Our visit to your shop and your friendliness is always fresh in our minds and included in our conversation with others when we reflect on our trip.  We are glad we had the pleasure to have met you and view your wonderful artwork".

John Cook writes

"Hi Nick and staff: My wife and I visited your store in Antigua in January. We had a wonderful time meeting you. Our print of Yoda has pride of place in our house!

Cheers, John and Sylvia Cook, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada"

Brandi Ruedy writes

" I wanted to send an e-mail to tell you that I truly loved your shop in St. Maarten. I was there last week on the cruise ship Carnival Glory. I purchased a map that you were kind enough to sign and trace the path of our ship. It is hanging in my living room and has been the talk of all of my friends!!

While in your store, I noticed the Follow Your Star picture (in fact, my friend purchased one).  I have a friend that is a huge Star Wars fan and I would love to purchase that print for him as a Christmas gift."

Pris and Darrell write

"Just got back to Texas and wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our visit to you gallery. Pris has spent the morning having me move the paintings we bought from one wall to another (looking for just the right spot).

As a prolific web message poster, I will do my best to see that all those who visits St. Maarten know that your gallery is a must see".

M. Chris Childs wrote...

Had a great time getting to talk to Nick. Wished we could have had more time but duty called and there were a bunch of folks waiting. But thank you Nick for taking the time and taking a picture with me.


Sarah wrote...

Nick Maley is an artist and SFX genius (see his site). He has two lovely galleries (one in town and one at his home) featuring his own work and that of other local artists. He also has some great birds, and is a really nice guy.

Simon Javorski and Beth Berkonicz write

" 2.5 hous of bliss! Anyone who ever loved good movies, especially sci-fi ans Star Wars would be well advised to take time out from the sun and visit a genius at work & play. Thanks a million xxx"

Mark Meacham M.D. writesŠ


I just wanted to thank you for your time and personal attention. It sounds like you've really found your niche in life. Unfortunately, with the time restraints of the cruising life, our time was limited. We may have to plan an Antigua vacation in the future to visit you again.

*NOTE: THIS SITE IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO LUCASFILM OR GEORGE LUCAS who owns all rights to Yoda and the other creatures from Star Wars. In fact the use of the string "yoda" in our domain name and the presentation of images from the saga are courtesy of their generosity in allowing us to do so. Our use of the name YodaGuy and registration of the domain is NOT intended to imply that Nick was the only "guy" who worked to produce Yoda. There were several people involved in making four versions of Yoda for ESB and more again for versions in ROTJ and PTM. Credit is given to most of them in the making Yoda pages of our movie archive Please read those for further clarification. Our use of the name implies ONLY that Nick Maley is a guy who was involved. Yoda and all creatures for the classic Star Wars trilogy were masterminded by Stuart Freeborn who Nick worked with on and off over a 7 year period. The initial drawing was by Ralph McQuarrie. Other people involved in building Yoda for ESB include Wendy Midner, Graham Freeborn, Ron Hone, Bob Keen and Nick Dudman (who built the new Yoda for PTM).

all ART images are © copyright Nick Maley