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Most people in Antigua are well aware of Island Arts, but usually they think of Nick Maley's art gallery at Heritage Quay. HOWEVER, we have been designing and publishing pages for the Internet since 1996 and are now one of Antigua's biggest net publishers with over 14000 files online. Below are a FEW examples of our virtual arts... aesthetic online presentations. There are many others, but this selection are enough to demonstrate our ability... everything from small pages advertising local businesses to complete MAGAsites. Many of the sites relating to Antigua are designed to integrate with AntiguaToday.com so don't be surprised that they have a similar "look". All pages there are intended to flow together like articles in one magazine.

Our rates are very reasonable and INCLUDE web hosting for one year!.. If you think we might be able to help you with YOUR online presence email design(at)IslandArtsAntigua.com for further info or call Nick at 461 6324.

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Some current sites designed at IslandArtsAntigua.

Below are the ORIGINAL sites

2nd generation, community minded....

NEWEST sites (latest first)

1. Best of Both Worlds

Island Arts' excursion into the Internet started when Nick directed this music video in Antigua and Los Angeles, This page commemorates the event which won an award at Worldfest Houston (worlds largest film festival) in 1996.

6. CommunityNotices 1997

A free notice board for citizens, organizations, visitors & businesses to post messages that relate DIRECTLY to Antigua or Barbuda. This board was destroyed by spammers in 99 and was recently reestablished as a companion site to AntiguaAUCTIONS.com

16. AboutOldStreet.com

Shops and cafes at Old Street, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten... location of the latest YodaGuy gallery.

2. NickMaley.com

With many customers as Island Arts asking for a biography it was a natural progression to put a biography online with a Filmography, Exhibition credits and even Artist's notes.

7. Antiguan Virtual Postcards

This virtual greeting card site was created from Nick's artwork and photos of Antigua. What better way to inexpensively promote our island than by send a greeting to a friend!

15. Tommy The GEEK !
Jan 2002

A favorite... with sister site SanDiegoGEEK. Tommy is a computer geek who fixes computer problems and writes applications. A humorous site with image maps and more.

3. CineSecrets.com

Questions from surfers generated from Nick's biography snowballed into this unique movie archive with inside stories about Nick's 50+ films. Named "Best of the web - Special Effects by the BBC THIS SITE has received an astounding 500,000 hits in a single week.

8. P.A.A.W.S.

This page was an early fund raiser for a very worthy cause...

Protect Antiguan Animals With a Smile!
Antiguan animal rescue group.

14. Claremont Farms
Dec 2001

This colorful site was built for Claremont Farms at Old Road. Read about the history of Claremont Valley and the cultivation of the Antigua Black Pineapple.


4. AntiguaToday.com

Following hurricane Lous we built this PERSONAL guide to Antigua & Barbuda specifically to provide post hurricane reassurance to potential visitors. It grew into over 300 AntiguaLinks.

9. Speech by PM

Whilst presenting the ill fated eTales project to government in 1998. Island Arts was asked to design this site outlining a speech by the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Lester Bryant Bird..

13. YodaGuy.com

With the revival of Star Wars in 99, Nick's contribution to that Classic Saga was recognized by eight cruise lines who list Island Arts at Heritage Quay.as "must see" shopping. This web hub was devised for after sales navigation of our domains.

5. IslandArtsAntigua.com

Naturally we couldn't resist building the official virtual gallery of international artist, movie effects wizard & Emmy nominee Nick Maley and added exhibitions at Aiton Place.

10. SSV Pumkin

This records the salvage and racing of a 27ft sailboat after hurricane Georges which is part of the team that won the ASW Cruising Team Trophy for Antigua in 1999, 2000 & 2001.

12. Obsession
June 2000

This single page website about the deep-sea fishing vessel OBSESSION is a good example of networking a page into AntiguaToday.com thereby achieving an integrated, designerly, appearance that looks more costly than it is.

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11. JollyHarbourYachtClub.com

A comprehensive site, built in 2000 about activity at the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club, with info on the boats that race there, club sponsors and member's pages.







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Current SitesIn Development Our Rates


Other Sites Currently In Development by IslandArtsAntigua

In development

17. CaribPETS

We have several COMPLEX sites currently in development. You can take a look at them BUT THEY ARE NOT YET LIVE so do NOT subscribe or complain of broken links.

My favorite, eTales.com, is sadly neglected. It was aimed at reviving the Antiguan economy via an interactive promotion at no cost to the nation. Unfortunately after waiting 7 months in 98 for government approval we lost our backing. It is a innovative project would have put Antigua AHEAD of the pack but takes a little vision to appreciate the lost potential.

In development

19. eTales.com 1998