Historic Movie Memorabilia


ROLA-01 - THE FIRST UK CALL SHEET for Raiders of the Lost Ark - Wed 4th March 1981. - This rare document is noteworthy in many ways. Not only is it the call sheet for the very first day (Wed 4th March 1981) of shooting in the UK (where the movie was based), but it also contains several anomalies. It surprisingly refers to Ron Beck (renowned wardrobe supervisor) and Stuart Freeborn (legendary make-up artist) neither of whom received screen credits. Both are Star Wars veterans with long histories of working with Producer George Lucas and so why didn't they complete the movie? Make-up artist Tom Smith, (ironically one of Stuart Freeborn's first assistants back in the early 1950's) completed the movie as make-up supervisor and little known Rita Wakely was credited as wardrobe supervisor.


The scenes to be shot are those in the streets on Cairo involving that naughty monkey and Monkey Man Vic Tablian.


The call sheet also mentions Steven Spielberg (Director), Norman Reynolds (production designer), Patricia McDermott (key hair stylist), and Douglas Slocombe (cinematographer). Doug died in the 80's. His last film? Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


SW-B05 - Star Wars (A New Hope) Bulletin #05 for Jan 25th 76 - Jack Pervis (Nebit, Kitik Keed'kak, Power Droid and Kenny Baker's cabaret partner) call for "plastering work".


SW-B10 - Star Wars (A New Hope) Bulletin #10 for Feb 2nd 76 - Wardrobe, Make-up, trucking and vacination advisory prior to Tunisia location. Mentions Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Stuart Freeborn (Creature effects designer) and Ron Beck (Wardrobe Supervisor).


ROTJ01 - Call sheat for Monday 17th May 1982 - detailing Carrie Fisher's photo session with Mario Cassili. Also mentions Ewocks.


Updated Star Wars credit list - includes many actors and technicians not on the screen credits.