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"Kumia" (Series 1) Reproductions are much less pixelated. Artist comments on this piece are bellow

This image is issued in a series of open edition giclees. Nick PERSONALLY produces archival quality giclees on his own, in house, giclee press. Most open editions can now be ordered in multiple sizes on paper and canvas. Where glass size often limits size, the new supersized Decor Editions on canvas are ideal for large spaces.They are made to order. Click here for prices and sizes (SCROLL DOWN TO THE NAME).

Although Decor Editions on canvas are archival and artist signed, only artist proofs on canvas are HAND EMBELLISHED. With unique detailing and Nick's characteristic decal edging, no two artist proofs are ever the same. They look just like small originals. Usually these pieces are completed (embellished) when the order is placed and can take some weeks to complete. Each proof is artist signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.



Although not always obviously related, my Series 1 paintings can be broadly categorized as EXCURSIONS WITHIN THE 5TH DIMENSION. Each excursion has a distinctive flavor but all refer to the 5 dimensions of height, width, depth, time and memory.

This piece is not just the likeness of a child but the memory of that child who she was and how she spent her days. Clearly she lived in the tropics and was in harmony with nature. The radiance of her smile is testament to the joys of a simple lifestyle.

The composition involves two rectangles. These abstractly refer to the basic theory of my EXCURSIONS WITHIN THE 5TH DIMENSION. The first rectangle is the canvas itself creating the dimension in which the memory of KUMIA resides. Behind her lies a second rectangle, a window to another dimension. That is the dimension of here and now, (immediacy), the dimension where the first three dimensions of height, width and depth are further measured against the dimension of time. The dimension in which the memory of KUMIA resides is the 5th dimension where memory is divided by questions and thought.



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