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"Back Home" (Series 1) Reproductions are much less pixilated.

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Although not always obviously related, my Series 1 paintings can be broadly categorized as EXCURSIONS WITHIN THE 5TH DIMENSION. Each excursion has a distinctive flavor but all refer to the 5 dimensions of height, width, depth, time and memory..

This represents the thoughts of an expatriate Caribbean woman remembering the life she left in the islands. Her history is written in the interaction of the figures. Her relationship with her mother. The child she left for her mother to raise. A child that is a part of her yet alienated. I particularly like the poetic confused perspective whereby her growing sophistication (represented by her bright ear rings) is also the setting sun upon her mothers way of life.



Island Arts of the YodaGuy
Antigua, West Indies & Sint Maarten, Netherland Antilles


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