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Las Vegas based artist and accomplished colorist Dottie Burton is no stranger to the Caribbean.... returning here annually for the past 9 years to exhibit at the Eva Wilkins Gallery in Nevis. We are delighted to host Dottie's FIRST exhibition in Antigua... a fabulous collection of vibrant, fluid, tropical watercolors.

"Artist talent is a gift", says Dottie, "but it's up to each artist to work and develop their gifts to find the best within themselves and their work. I love to paint. I am a painter. I do it because I have to. It's a drive within and one that I work at every day."


The extent of Dotties "gift" is self evident in this new exhibit held at Island Arts Galleries, Sandy Lane, Hodges Bay, Antigua, West Indies, where superbly expressive use of rich color is carefully balenced with fresh, clean, neutrals. The quality of light is at the heart of these works which tell of life in the islands through it's people and their interaction.

Dottie's loose and expressive works are included in BEST OF WATERCOLOR-PAINTING LIGHT AND SHADOW (Rockport) and WATERCOLOR, FUN AND FREE (Bayfield Street Publishing), and were reproduced as a huge display on the side of extended vans for Clark County Parks and Recreation's VAN-GO mobile public art galleries.


"Hopefully, the viewer can share in the excitement and love that I have in my work", says Dottie, who describes her paintings as continually evolving in a quest for esthetic development. "I know I will learn all of my life and never know it all. To learn. To grow and not stay the same. Stretch always into new horizons and find the intangible within myself. Finding images that are in my subconscious and releasing them. Trusting the brush and instincts to find themselves on that piece of paper".


In 2000 Dottie, a past President - Nevada Watercolor Society, was accepted in 17 National shows, winning top awards. With a BS in Education, she has signature membership in the Nevada Watercolor society, Watercolor West, Western Federation of Watercolor societies, Montana Watercolor society, Georgia Watercolor society, Western Colorado Watercolor Society, North East Watercolor Society, Alabama Watercolor society, Kentucky Watercolor Society and Mississippi Watercolor society. She also maintains membership in many more including national Watercolor Society and American Watercolor Society.

Genoa Gallery, Genoa, Nevada,
Eva Wilkins Gallery, Nevis, West Indies,
The Spencer-Cameron Gallery, St. Kitts, West Indies,
Island Art Galleries in Antigua, West Indies.

Other artists exhibiting at Island Arts Galleries, Antigua


Welcome to Antigua & Barbuda, the paradise islands we call home. Come on in!

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