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Step 1: Select an image - click the radio button below it. (click on an image to enlarge it)

Walk on the wildside.

Still Waters

Harbor Lights (English Harbour)

Stormclouds over Dickenson Bay

TIP!: Making a card is a creative process in itself. You can use steps 2 & 4 below to customize
the card to suit your specific occasion. By adding the right heading, message and signature to a suitable
image it will look like the card was designed for the purpose.IT WAS! By you. For example: If you chose
the image "Season's in the Sun Part 3", added the heading "Congratulations" and the signature "Have a
happy diaper day!" YOU have created a perfect "new baby" card. Experiment a few times in preview mode
and you'll soon get the hang if it. There are even a few of Nick's poems that you can add to a card (with the
credit attached) if you want to.

Crab Country Catch of the day. Pelican Gaff at Jolly Beach Open House

There's a poem that goes with "Muse on a mermaid's kiss". you will find it on this page.

The Lure: Teach the children Carnival Queen Muse on a mermaid's kiss Seasons in the Sun Part 3

Nick's images of children are amongst his most popular. Every image you see here is available as a
lithograph or digital print. For information on a print clicking on the name next to the radio button.

Little Terror Kumia Study #1 Hawkeye Study #2 Daydreamer

Although Nick contributed to over 50 movies including Star Wars he has produced only a few fantasy images whilst
living in the Caribbean. You can find out more about each image by clicking on the name beside the radio button.

Follow your Star (Star Wars) As Man re-created Woman Inner City The Lost Kurgan (Highlander)

These watercolors are from the "Nicki" series done in the early 90's as part of a series of color studies.

Inside ? House with a view. Pooch Parade The Vendor

"Paradise Lost" is about LOST LOVE. There is a poem that goes with it on this page

Faces of Eve: Temptation Paradise Lost Hibiscus Windkissed and Sunswept

For information about Nick Maley, his life, movie career, exhibitions etc click here

Smile to end prejudice Sisters Hibiscus Child of the tropics #4

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All images are created by international artist, movie effects wizard, Star Wars veteran
and EMMY nominee...... Nick Maley. They, and more, are available as signed
lithographs or digital prints from
Island Arts Galleries online.

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