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FREE domain name! ...and when we say "FREE" we really mean FREE!!!! Don't you hate those stupid sites, (often called something like "AbsolutelyFreeDomainRegistration.org) that attract you to their site just to tell you that you've still got to pay internic $70? It's such a con! Well, we are NOT one of those. If you sign up for 3 month or more of our MEGA, 350 MB hosting plan we'll increase your savings by registering your domain name completely FREE. By that we mean INCLUSIVE of internic fees.

There is one limitation. Our hosting package is so complete that we don't believe anyone would cancel due to dissatisfaction. However, it's easy for someone to change their mind when their circumstances change or they discover they don't have as much time to build their site as they thought they would, or when their site doesn't generate the income they expected. That's part of the reason that the internet has a reputation for generating credit card charge backs. Because our mega hosting plan is so feature packed it takes a lot to set-up. we have to pay strategic partners and once we have purchased your domain and registered it in YOUR name there is no way for us to claim back that expense. Consequently, the first 3 months hosting fees are non-refundable.

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