Specials.... Register an internic domain for low cost... $14.95.  Despite the discounts, registration is for the same .com, .net or .org, name that you would get with a registrar like network solutions but at a discount price.Special..... free with a 3 month hosting package.

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So you're building an on-line presence... and you want your own domain name to go with it. Well, you came to the right place. At 1001resources.com we specialize in user friendly solutions to ALL your internet needs.

You don't have time to waste on unnecessary forms, or money to throw away on dumb expenses, so we came up with 1001 ManagedDomains... domain name registration that makes owning your own domain name easier than ever. You probably know that Internic fees are billed ON TOP of what many ISP's term "registration charges".... even when they claim to give you "free registration"!. Why forking out $70 or $55 or even $35 when you can get the same official ".com" or ".net" or ".org" registration MANAGED for you by a personal account manager for only $24.99 per year... INCLUSIVE OF INTERNIC FEES! That's right, US$ 24.99 per year ALL inclusive!


What's in a name? A lot! Your personal domain name provides you with a permanent on-line identity that characterizes your business and makes sure your customers can always find you. Thousands of names are registered EVERY DAY so grab yours now before someone else gets it!

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How do we do it? Well, 1001resources.com is an authorized RSP (registration service provider) for OpenSRS, a SLD (second level domain name) registration service for the .com, .net and .org namespace... names like YourName.com, YourName.net and YourName.org. OpenSRS is not directly accessible by the general public. It is designed for "Internet Solution Providers" like 1001resources.com who process registrations for end users/organizations as part of their solution offering. The system is managed by Canadian internet giant TUCOWS, The Ultimate Collection Of Worthwhile Software, purported to be the worlds largest software download network. It is fully accredited by ICANN, (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers empowered by the U.S federal government to oversee the evolution of the internet), and talks directly to Network Solutions proprietary structures. (Don't you just love all these nerdy abbreviations?)

Your on-line domain name management panel (comes with our regular $14.99 registration only), allows you to control your own registration details and name server pointing. Say goodbye to complicated forms and long delays (Network Solutions charges $200 to change the registered owner of a domain name and changes often take weeks!). With your control panel it's done for FREE in a few minutes. If you change servers, updating the pointer to your new Name Server (the server at your host domain which then directs traffic to your specific directory) is as easy as punching in a few numbers. (With redirectable registrations WE can do that for you in 12 hours or so for $5 per change).

What is a domain name? It's a unique name used to identify, among other things, a specific Web site... it becomes your permanent address on the Internet...... Your Web Address (YourName.com)..... and directs visitors to your home on the Web. It can also be used as part of your e-mail address to reinforce your online identity (You@YourName.com). Whether you want to cash in on the e-commerce revolution or simply seek a deluxe home page, it's the best way to establish an online identity. Try searching the database for an available domain name NOW before someone else grabs it!

What is a .com web address A domain name ending in .com is recognized worldwide as an online business, but as .com addresses get used up .net and .org are also becoming widely used.


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