Offshore company registration is done by a qualified lawyer either in the British Virgin Islands or in the Commonwealth of Antigua & Barbuda. It will take a few weeks as nothing happens overnight in the Caribbean but once the name is searched to establish that it is available then completion is a formality. The company can be in your name or it can be a bearer share company that assures continued anonymity. An annual license fee is all the local authority requires and no annual accounts need to be filed.

An offshore bank account can be set up in the name of the company (minimum opening balance, US$ 500.00) with a Caribbean based offshore bank. YOU alone control the flow of funds by draft & transfer.

The total cost of this service is US$ 2350.00 per year plus the opening balance you determine for your bank account. We will throw in the registration of your domain name of choice.

Important notice! Operation of this company is 100% legal in the Caribbean. However the undeclared dispersal of profits may contravene the inland revenue laws of the country or state in which you live. Therefore, it is the responsibility of persons utilizing our services to ensure that their activities are legal within the county or State in which they reside by consulting with local legal authorities.

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