The following are key words.... 1001 discrete services offers several anonymous, cryptic and clandestine registration services. We can provide anonymity yet register a bearer share offshore company and bank account for a foreign firm, partnership or individual. Such an record could be used in association with a virtual business or internet project of an adult, ( XXX, sex, sexual ), nature or one with negative special social, ( political, public, civic, local, domestic,municipal ), implications.  This could all be done in a concealed, covert, secret, veiled manner where the commercial, corporation, or corperat contract was nameless and shrouded. Discretion is our paramount objective. Our licensing facility will lease a license for a website, ( web, www, WWW, net ), domain name allowing you external ( probably not internal ), trade via a legal holding company. offers anonymous domain registration via domain name licensing, offshore company registration and offshore bank account setup. These services can be combined with a powerful Stateside hosting package.

If you are one of the following....

  • ...... someone who for political or social reasons wishes to anonymously operate a non commercial website, (including individuals wishing to avoid the stigma associated with (legal) sexual practices between consenting adults).
  • ...... someone who wishes to operate a legal virtual business, within their country of residence without revealing their identities to the general public.
  • ...... someone wishing to anonymously operate a (legal) business outside their country of residence.

.... we have a virtual solution for you.

Important notice! We offer 100% discretion to our clients so long as they abide by our limitations. These services are intended for individuals, companies & entities operating within the laws of the country in which they reside.

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