With 1001DiscreteServices you can set up your whole offshore business with complete anonymity. Firstly we create for you a bearer share offshore company. The joy of a bearer shares company is that you needn't be listed as a shareholder so nobody needs to know your business. You can operate this company however you see fit, but in the communication age is seems obvious to conduct your international dealings via the internet. Using our anonymous domain name licensing you can channel business through your website and deposit your income straight into the offshore account that we set up for you.

Since the domain name is registered to us no-one can trace it back to you. For obvious reasons we strictly limit the service to individuals involved in legal activities. See our limitations. Operation of a bearer shares company is 100% legal in the Caribbean. However the undeclared dispersal of profits may contravene the inland revenue laws of the country or state in which you live. Therefore, it is the responsibility of persons utilizing our services to ensure that their activities are legal within the county or State in which they reside by consulting with local legal authorities.


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