Q. If you register an offshore company for me does that make you a partner in my company?
A. No. We are just your agent in setting up your company. There is a requirement for a named local contact for the company but that is NOT us. It is usually the lawyer who registers the company on your account.

Q. If you open a bank account for me does that mean that you are a signatory on the account?
A. No. We are simply a local agent empowered by you to establish an account. Only you can withdraw funds.

Q. Doesn't domain name licensing mean that 1001DiscreteServices owns my domain name?
A.Technically yes. But our agreement with you guarantees you the sole rights to the name so long as you abide by our limitations and pay the annual fee.

Q. If I don't abide by the limitations what happens?
A. The pointer to your web page is shut down.

Q. If I'm shut down will I loose the use of the name altogether?
A. Obviously it depends upon the circumstances, but assuming that a situation may arise whereby we no longer wish a continued association with a licensee the agreement also states that in the event that a breach of our limitations forces us to shut the name down we will offer it to you for $200.00 (the amount Network Solutions charges to transfer ownership of a domain name) plus a $50 handling fee. Only if you fail to purchase the name do we have the right to sell it or license someone else to use it.

Q. What if I choose to establish my own offshore company?
A. We will organize it for you for $2350.00 per year (all taxes paid) and register the domain name to your offshore company for free. For more info on an offshore company click here.

Q. If my site is shut down for a limitations infringement will my offshore bank account be shut down too?
A. Not by us. Only the bank can do that. We have no control over your bank account.

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